Bring Neophyte to the Table With These 19 Cross-Stitch Patterns For Beginners

Cross-Stitch Patterns For Beginners

The craze for embroidery frames, panels, pillows, and napkins is at the top of fashion at one time and deep “into the shadows” at the other.

But this does not prevent us from loving this type of needlework. It is worth noting that ladies and many men are fond of embroidery.

So go to the needlework store, you see the embroidery kit of your dreams. Your hand reaches into the purse for the wallet, but you don’t want to spend money.

No worries!

Take your time and learn with these easy PDF cross-stitch patterns for beginners!

Cross-stitch Patterns For Beginners

Love for embroidery can appear in the life of a needlewoman by chance or get passed on from her grandmother.

These patterns will help you to get started.

But before setting to work, it is important to prepare all the necessary materials. Scissors and threads should always be at hand.

1. Koala and owl cross-stitch pattern

Koala Owl sey cross stitch pattern Instant dowmload 77

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The cross-stitch technique for embroidery is so simple when we have such cross-stitch patterns for beginners.

Don’t itch your head; just buy this koala and owl stitch PDF pattern. It uses only 6 colors thread which is easy to find in any store.

2. Diamond cross stitch

Diamond stitch, Pop Art cross stitch pattern, Modern cross stich, PDF Pattern, cross stitch chart, embroidery 23

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Embroidery should lead to harmony and bring joy and peace. This diamond cross-stitch pattern will polish your skills.

You can add this canvas pattern into your pillows, hanging frames, napkins, and table covers. This pattern uses only 4 threads.

3. Silhouette kitten PDF pattern

Cat Cross Stitch Pattern, Silhouette Kitten Pattern, Easy Cross Stitch Pattern, Modern Cross Stitch, Pattern Beginner

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Meow Meow, Your little furry friend is right behind you! 😻

Shoo, cute… why not knit this kitten cross-stitch pattern for her?

It uses only 1 thread color; even if you have little experience or are a novice, you can design it easily.

4. Sunset easy cross-stitch pattern

Sunset cross stitch pattern Easy cross stitch Cross stitch for beginner PDF Pattern Instant download 87

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Sitting on the couch and seeing this charming sunset picture hanging on your wall will look so adorable!

But how to get this frame?

It is easy when we bring this sunset cross-stitch pattern in PDF form. It is designed to facilitate all beginners who want to practice more.

5. Modern lady cross-stitch pattern

Modern cross stich, PDF Pattern, cross stitch chart 42

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Are you the mom of a crafty girl who loves to draw patterns and make sketches?

Take her creativity to the next level and teach her to knit easy cross stitches. She will love this modern lady embroidery pattern, which uses 5 classy colors threads.

6. Easy to stitch Whale cross-stitch pattern

Whale cross stitch, Animal cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern 49

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The latest research survey shows the creativity level of kids is more than adults. They easily pick new things and want to learn more!

Let’s explore their mind by teaching them how to make these easy fish cross-stitch patterns for beginners.

💁🏻‍♀️ Pro Tip

The main rule for stitching is that all threads must lie in the same direction. Therefore, it is so important to choose a certain technique of execution. The beginner will be on cloud 9!

7. Cat dad cross-stitch pattern for a beginner

LP0053 Cat dad cross stitch pattern for begginer - Pets lover xstitch pattern in PDF format - Instant download - easy

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Does your dad love cats?

If he is a fan of felines, we’ve got the perfect project for you as a gift for daddy – a cross-stitch pattern of a cat dad! This beginner-level project is easy to follow and will have you stitching up a storm in no time.

8. Dog mom cross-stitch pattern for a beginner

LP0056 Dog mom cross stitch pattern for begginer - Pets lover xstitch pattern in PDF format - Instant download - easy

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With this cross-stitch pattern, your mom can immortalize her favorite friend and always keep him close by. And don’t forget – the finished product makes an excellent gift for mom on any occasion.

9. Modern rainbow cross-stitch pattern

Modern rainbow cross stitch pattern Modern cross stitch PDF for beginners Kids room xstitch Boho cross stitch Orange

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🌈 Rainbow colors are the flag of the sky. These colors bring joy, creativity, positivity, and calmness. We know you are in love and want it also in your bedroom.

Not to worry, you can buy this pattern for yourself and enjoy the rainbow color shadows at home.

10. Red modern embroidery tree polygonal

Cross Stitch Pattern PDF Tree Polygonal, Geometric Pattern, Red, modern embroidery, Embroidery pattern, DIY, Gift, Decor

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This red maple tree is a piece of art that would look great in any room and gives the feeling of spring!

In addition to being eye-catching and modern, the piece also has a unique design, making it the perfect aesthetic addition to any contemporary space.

11. Cute penguin cross-stitch pattern

Penguin cross pattern, Kids cross stich, PDF Pattern 56

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This summer, attach kids with yourself and learn a new hobby together by creating this penguin cross stitch.

You can hang this embroidery on your kid’s wall, or you could use it as the foundation for a more personalized art project for them.

12. Little cat cross-stitch pattern PDF

Cat cross stitch, Kids cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern 58

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The walking cat in the town looks so classy. Bind this little cat cross-stitch in threads.

It is an easy and great choice for learning embroidery. Your home can look beautiful with this wall art or as a gift for a loved one.

13. Owl cross pattern for beginners

Owl cross pattern, Modern cross stich, PDF Pattern 52

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Creating beautiful art pieces with cross-stitch is a fun and easy hobby. It’s easy to stitch like a pro with our owl cross pattern for beginners!

This is an ideal project for beginners because of its simple design and easy-to-follow instructions. Creating a beautiful piece of art will be a breeze now!

14. Sunrise easy cross-stitch pattern

Easy cross stitch pattern, Cross stitch for beginner, Kids cross stitch, Sunrise Sunset cross stitch PDF Pattern 86

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Do you want to learn how to cross stitch? Then, follow these easy cross-stitch patterns for beginners.

This sunrise with hills gives a magical view that enchants the eyes. It looks beautiful in frames, even if you can knit on your shirt to look more attractive.

Integrated with the Blessed word, this cross-stitch pattern is sure to be a conversation starter among your friends and family.

15. Colorful parrot PDF cross stitch

Parrot cross stitch, Bird cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern, embroidery, PDF Instant Download. Easy cross stitch 22

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Anyone looking for something unique for their home decor will enjoy this parrot cross-stitch pattern, which is perfect for relaxing and de-stressing.

Learn how to create beautiful cross-stitch patterns for beginners with these easy-to-follow instructions.

16. Cat sitting on Moon cross-stitch pattern for a beginner

Cat cross stitch pattern for beginner PDF pattern 72

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This Cat sitting on Moon cross-stitch pattern for beginners is easy to create with only three thread colors, making it a great project for novice sewers.

The finished product will be an adorable addition to your home décor. In addition, you can download the PDF pattern immediately after purchase, so you can start stitching right away.

17. Poodle dog cross-stitch pattern

Poodle cross stitch pattern modern, Dog cross stitch pattern PDF, Silhouette cross stitch chart, Easy beginner Xstitch

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Don’t want to rush yourself in multiple colors?

Yes, as a beginner, it is hectic to play with multiple threads again. This poodle dog cross-stitch pattern uses only 1 black thread. It can also be customized with other colors!

18. Panda says Hi, cross-stitch pattern PDF

Panda cross stitch, Animal cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern 47

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Hi Panda🐼

Panda is a cute animal, and everyone who loves them are cute too.

Do you know any panda friends who want some cute gifts? This cross-stitch pattern for beginners is easy to knit and frame on pillows.

19. Little duck easy cross pattern

Duck cross pattern, Kids cross stitch for beginner, PDF Pattern 55

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Cross stitching is a really fun and relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

This pattern is perfect for beginner stitchers because it’s a relatively simple craft, and the results are rewarding.

This duck cross pattern is created for kids who are just starting. And when they finish, they’ll be able to say that they made it themselves proudly!

Tips & tricks to start knitting cross-stitch patterns for beginners:

Getting comfortable with cross stitching will take you no time at all. You may also want to keep these tips in mind.

  • Make sure your stitches have a nice coverage of threads. Don’t pull them too tight or too loose, so they warp the fabric. There should be no pulling of the stitches against the fabric when they lay flat against it.
  • Make sure not to make long jumps with your thread across your fabric’s back. When you move to a new area more than a few stitches away, end your thread and start it again.
  • All the materials needed for a project should be bought at the beginning. The dye lots of thread may differ slightly from batch to batch.
  • You will notice that the thread tends to twist as you stitch. Allow the thread to unwind every once in a while, by letting your needle hang freely.

Have fun! The art of cross stitching is relaxing and rewarding. So be relaxed, and enjoy the process instead of stressing out about the details!

Wind up!

Open this link to explore more beautiful cross-stitch patterns.

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