26 Beautiful Cross Stitch Patterns for the Crafty & Creative Needle Women

Beautiful Cross Stitch Patterns

Embroidery is one of the most common and favorite activities of needlewomen, be it beginners or professionals.

Cross stitch kits are not just for creating beautiful pieces of art for yourself or as gifts for art lovers, the process is also very healthful 💚! The experience creates a relaxing atmosphere and helps you focus after a busy day.

Small beautiful cross stitch patterns will be useful to you in many cases.

➡️ First, when you want to make a special handmade gift quickly.

➡️ Secondly, when you are just starting to get involved in a new hobby.

➡️ Third, when you want to do a creative task consistently.

Among the various types of embroidery, it is the cross stitch that has the greatest appeal. Let’s help you in selecting the best beautiful cross stitch patterns 😉.

Modern & Beautiful Cross Stitch Patterns

Do you enjoy creating thoughtful gifts for your loved ones? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new project that will add a contemporary flair to your home decor?

Trendy and unique✨, these designs are perfect for any stitcher who wants to add a little color and personality to their stitching.

So, grab your needle and thread🧵, and get ready for some stitching fun!

1. Pop art cross stitch PDF pattern

Pop Art cross stitch PDF pattern Set of pattern Modern cross stich 66

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Let’s boom out with the amazing artistic skills using this cross stitch pop art pattern. This PDF pattern creates a colorful piece of art.

Moreover, for your reference, the exact color codes are mentioned with full clarity.

2. Modern Lady cross stitch pattern

Modern cross stich, PDF Pattern, Lady cross stitch chart 44

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The most prominent colors in the TV lounge or living room always grab the guest’s attention. This lady cross stitch pattern is what you’ll love to hang in a frame.

This also makes it easy to create patterns and look more classy, and you’ll be amazed when it is complete.

3. Glasses lady pop art cross stitch pattern PDF

Pop art cross stitch, Lady cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern 38

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Do you want to use fewer colors in your art but want it to be more attractive? This is what you are thinking! Then, just using 2 threads, you can create this pop artistic frame!

This PDF pattern is very detailed and helps to add a modern touch to your interior.

4. Watercolor buddha meditation modern cross stitch pattern

Watercolor Buddha meditation Modern Cross Stitch Pattern Instant Download PDF

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Meditation will give you a sense of calm and give mental and physical benefits. Do you know a meditation lover whose day starts with meditating?

Buy this buddha meditation cross stitch pattern and knit it for her. We are sure they will love to receive this thoughtful meditation gift.

5. Geometric wolf digital cross stitch pattern

Geometric Wolf digital cross stitch pattern Hand embroidery design Digital PDF file

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This digital cross stitch pattern is fabulous for anyone who loves to stitch! It is easy to use and can be printed out on any printer.

You’ll love our adorable geometric wolf pattern! Beginners can start stitching right away because the pattern is easy enough.

6. Stunning hide face pop art cross stitch PDF pattern

Pop Art cross stitch PDF pattern Set of pattern Modern cross stich 65

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Cross stitch is a hobby for everyone. If you prefer more modern cross stitch kits, this digital piece of art is designed for your convenience.

This pattern includes black and white as well as a colored option.

Simple Cross Stitch Patterns For Beginners

Are you a beginner cross stitcher? If so, you’re in luck!

The cross stitch is the easiest stitch to learn. Even novice craftswomen can perform simple cross-stitch because it does not take much time and effort to master the technique.

Many simple cross stitch patterns are designed and created for beginners. Below we have shared some of our favorite patterns.

7. Black cat with little heart animal cross stitch PDF

Cat cross stitch, Animal cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern 51

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A black cat is the beauty of town!

Yes, you can also bring this beauty to your home. Cross stitching has become fun and easy now with beautiful cross stitch patterns.

This PDF pattern is perfect for cross-stitching beginners. You can learn the basics of this popular embroidery technique with the help of this simple design.

8. Polygonal cross stitch pattern PDF tree winter

Cross Stitch Pattern PDF Tree Winter, Polygonal, Geometric Pattern, Embroidery, Nursery decor, Home decor, DIY, Gift

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Design 3D geometric pattern tree with ease using 6 DMC colors. This simple cross stitch pattern is an imitation of a tree in winter ❄.

Gifts can be made unique and personalized with cross stitching. This easy-to-follow pattern makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your friends.

9. Whale cross stitch pattern

Whale cross stitch, Animal cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern 49

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Cross stitch is a great way to add personality to your living space. With this easy-to-follow pattern, you can create a beautiful piece of art that will be enjoyed for years.

10. Dog dad cross stitch pattern for beginner

LP0055 Dog dad cross stitch pattern for begginer - Pets lover xstitch pattern in PDF format - Instant download - easy

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Cross stitch is easy to learn for kids too. This dog paw pattern is designed for kids and will be the best and most appreciative gift on Father’s Day.

Kids love this activity because it is not only exciting but also helps in developing artistic taste – a sense of beauty, perseverance, and concentration skills.

11. Valentine’s day cross stitch pattern for the beginner

LP0078 Valentines day cross stitch pattern for begginer - Heart love xstitch pattern in PDF format - Instant download

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Cross stitch is a relaxing and rewarding hobby that anyone can enjoy. You can master it if you have the courage to learn new things.

Start with this pattern. It’s also a Valentine’s gift for your crafty girl!

Flowers Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch is a popular needlework technique that can create beautiful art pieces. We have prepared a list of some of the most popular cross stitch involving flowers.

Whatever your level of cross stitching experience, we are sure you will find a pattern in this roundup that you will love!

12. White lotus cross stitch

White lotus cross stitch, Flowers cross stitch pattern, Flower bouquet cross stitch, Plants cross stitch

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Are you tired of running around the shops searching for gifts for the next celebration? Cross stitch embroidery will be an unforgettable gift for your loved ones.

Flowers give the endless charm to admire the natural beauty. This piece of digital art is designed for the flower girl in your life who is passionate about knitting.

13. Flower cross stitch pattern PDF DIY

Flower cross stitch pattern pdf DIY Design floral digital Small pattern cross stitch

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Get this beautiful cross stitch pattern for yourself and remember those golden memories you spent at your grandma’s house.

14. Red poppy cross stitch pattern PDF

Red poppy cross stitch pattern pdf DIY Design flower digital Small pattern cross stitch

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You all need one needle, a canvas, and colorful threads to show your artsy skills.

15. Sunflower cross stitch pattern PDF modern beautiful pillow

Sunflower Cross Stitch Pattern PDF Modern Beautiful Pillow Flower Cross Stitch

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This sunflower cross stitch pattern grabs all the attention; you will be proud to see what you have designed and achieved.

16. Elegant Red floral Rose cross stitch

Rose cross stitch, Flower cross stitch pattern, PDF Pattern, embroidery, PDF Instant Download. Easy cross stitch 13

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The red floral cushion design looks elegant when you see it in the market, but do you think it is very expensive to buy?

Not to worry! Just buy this beautiful cross stitch pattern with a tutorial and design it for yourself with colorful threads. 🌼

Cross Stitch Patterns For Christmas

With these festive and fun cross stitch pattern, you can get into the Christmas spirit in no time. Get these for your grandmother before Christmas if she loves knitting.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Christmas scene or something a little more whimsical, we’ve got you covered. So get to stitching and spread some Christmas cheers! 🥂

17. Snowy house cross stitch PDF pattern wintertime Christmas

Cross stitch PDF pattern Winter Time Christmas embroidery

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Anyone who enjoys wintertime scenes will love this cross stitch pattern. The PDF includes a list of DMC thread colors and instructions.

You can use this beautiful cross stitch pattern to create a beautiful piece of art for your home. Give it as a gift or hang it up on your wall.

18. Merry Christmas cross stitch pattern | Santa with a gift

Merry Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern Santa with a gift

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Welcome the Santa who brings Christmas gifts 🎁 for you by creating beautiful cross stitch using this digital Santa PDF pattern.

Even if you’re a novice, you’ll have no trouble following it. So, get in the Christmas spirit with this cross stitch pattern!

19. Believe in the magic merry Christmas cross stitch pattern

Believe in the Magic Merry Christmas cross stitch pattern, Easy cross stitch chart, Christmas pattern PDF

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There’s something magical about Christmas; a sense of wonder, a feeling of hope, a belief that maybe Santa’s true.

Now is the time to start working on this pattern with your embroidery hoop and tools!

20. Dear Santa just bring wine cross stitch modern pattern

Dear Santa just bring wine Cross Stitch Pattern Modern, Santa Cross Stitch pattern PDF

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Christmas is time to relax, watch a movie, and enjoy a glass of wine. What a cool idea to design this cross stitch for yourself!

This is the most humorous cross stitch pattern you will ever find! It is a fun and easy way to create beautiful art pieces. This particular pattern is perfect for anyone who loves wine or Christmas.

21. Christmas loading cross stitch pattern PDF with black and white symbols

Christmas cross stitch pattern PDF, Easy cross stitch chart, Xmas cross stitch design, Modern xstitch embroidery pattern

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Preparation for Christmas start earlier, so why are you late? Let’s welcome this holy event by knitting this beautiful cross stitch pattern.

Its loading line will be complete on Christmas day. Stylish and modern, this pattern is ideal for any room. This artwork can be hung in your house or given to crush as a gift.

Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns

What’s spookier than a Halloween cross stitch pattern? You’re in good hands with us! From witches to skeletons💀, we have a variety of PDF designs to choose from.

So, get stitching and create a masterpiece that will scare your friends and family this Halloween! 🎃

22. Halloween spooky cross stitch design

Halloween cross stitch design, Spooky cross stitch chart, Diy halloween decor, Horror cross stitch pattern PDF

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Halloween season is what we wait for all year.

This DIY cross stitch pattern of happy Halloween will look spooky when hung outside the home.

23. Happy Halloween cross stitch pattern with funny pumpkin

Happy Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern, Modern Cross Stitch Chart, Cool Cross Stitch Pattern, Funny Xstitch, Fall Pattern

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Those glowing pumpkins have inspired you on Halloween?

In keeping with the Halloween tradition, this pattern is simple yet spooky. Print this cross stitch pattern on your t-shirt and wear it on Halloween.

24. Pumpkin Halloween cross stitch pattern with little gnomes

Halloween cross stitch pattern. Cross stitch pattern. Pumpkin cross stitch pattern. PDF cross stitch

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Cross stitch is a passion and a hobby for relaxation. Are you hunting for Halloween gifts for cross-stitch lovers?

These little gnomes cooking pumpkin soup look so cute! Get this pattern for your dear ones as a gift to raise their spirit on Halloween.

25. Gothic skeleton couple in love in the heart

Gothic cross stitch, Skeleton couple in love in the heart, Skeleton lovers cross stitch pattern, Goth wedding cross stitch, Digital PDF

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As with any cross stitch pattern, this one is easy because only thread will be used to create it. With simple stitches, you can create a piece of art that will last a lifetime.

The skeleton couple cross stitch will make you feel like a spooky person. You can stitch this skeleton pattern for your favorite person.

26. Halloween cross stitch pattern witch and black cat

Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern Witch and Black Cat

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Become a witchy stitcher like your granny. 😉

A witch with her black cat is the perfect cross stitch pattern to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Stitching this pattern will be a breeze even if you’re a beginner, with the 12 shades of DMC and easy-to-follow instructions.


Boo-tiful and beautiful cross stitch patterns are the key to good embroidery. The originality of the embroidery depends on the embroidery ornament.

Our stores have beautiful cross stitch patterns. There are thousands of possibilities, so take your time and explore until you find something you love.

If you know any crafty women who are expert in cross stitch, help her to become independent by selling at Inspire Uplift.

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