Pholiota Adiposa Or Chestnut Mushrooms – Guide To Its Taste, Storage, And Cultivation

chestnut mushrooms

The brownish cap enriched beautiful Pholiota adiposa, or Chestnut mushrooms, are newly found tasty yet healthiest ingredients, all kitchen witches looking forward to adding in gravies, soups, and greens.

Able to be grown at homes, these mushrooms are ideal to consume, eat, and enjoy.

Identifying Chestnut Mushrooms:

Chestnut mushroom identification
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Identify chestnut mushroom with its medium size and convex brown cap. The cap has numerous radial white plates. The chestnut mushroom can grow to a diameter of 3-10 cm, sometimes.

Fresh Chestnut mushroom taste:

Chestnut mushroom taste

Native to European beech trees, Chestnut royal Mushrooms have a rich, nutty, and mildly sweeter taste, meaty texture, and woodsy aroma.

When wholesomely cooked, the outer shell of these tasty mushrooms breaks; however, the scrumptious crunchiness remains the same, enough to excite even an average dish.

The best thing about using chestnut mushrooms in cooked or undercooked food items is, it mingles well with ingredients.

Along with adding to the aroma and texture of the dishes, it adjusts so well to enrich and enhance the overall palate.

A study suggests: Chestnut Mushrooms are antimicrobial and have medicinal qualities that inhibit bacterium, tumorous, and cancerous cells.

Chestnut Mushrooms Health Precautions:

chestnut mushroom cooking

Pholiota Adiposa mushrooms are healthy; however, if you are someone trying them for the first time, make sure to take some precautions to keep from health symptoms.

For this, make sure to:

  1. Cook thoroughly
  2. Eat a small amount (when trying mushrooms for the first time)
  3. Wait and check how your body responds

When you are growing mushrooms at home, keep them outdoor as it is said that airborne spores (that mushrooms have) sometimes cause respiratory irritation.

Clean the area thoroughly and make sure no weed plants are ingrown there before you sow for mushrooms.

Chestnut Mushroom Cultivation:

Chestnut Mushroom Cultivation
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Chestnut Mushroom or Pholiota Adiposa are low-temperature growers and love less-densely areas to sprout.

However, it is easy to adjust the humidity and temperature to grow this mushroom year around. You can then pick mushrooms by hand and use them immediately.

Storing Temperature:

fruitful temperature
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It is better to immediately use the mushrooms after getting them as storing mushrooms for too long can be tricky.

However, in case of emergency, set your refrigerator to a temperature between 4 to 7 degrees and put your mushrooms in food preservation trays.

There, your mushrooms can stay fresh for 3 to 4 days.

Chestnut mushroom recipes:

Chestnut mushroom recipes
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Just like white mushrooms, Pholiota Adiposa is used in several recipes, such as:

  • Meatball mushroom soup
  • Easy and fragrant chestnut rice
  • Multi mushroom patties
  • Chestnut mushrooms bourguignon

Now before you leave, here check out the tasty chestnut mushroom recipe:

Bottom Line:

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