9 Products That’ll Make You Feel Brand New

9 Products That'll Make You Feel Brand New

We reinvent ourselves often. Our daily experiences change us, so we are always a different person than the one we were minutes before.

… But often enough, it doesn’t feel like that.

While visiting the spa or getting a haircut are staple ways to feel renewed, they are not the only ones. You can feel a new version of yourself right at the comfort of your home.

How? Check the following list of ridiculously amazing products, and be prepared to be a brand new version of yourself without spending hundreds.

1. Personal Microderm Pen.

Personal Microderm Pen

If you want to feel brand new, why not start by changing your face?

I’m not talking plastic surgery—instead, we propose something even better: The Personal Microderm Pen.

Its highly-innovative device merges microdermabrasion exfoliation processes with vacuum-like stimulation. Meaning, it has a double effect on dead cells and blackheads, removing them effectively twice as efficiently and stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells.

Say goodbye to blemishes with this pocket-sized spa.

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2. Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil.

Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil

Traditional medicine is such for a reason—if it didn’t work, it’d have faded away, forgotten amidst history books much like bloodletting and lobotomies. Essential oils, therefore, will always remain a staple of health.

This ginger oil is nothing short of miraculous. Its combination of oils and extracts provides instant relief to swelling and pain associated with lymphatic drainage, edema, varicose veins, aching muscles, and even more.

Massage the affected area daily, and embrace the relief.

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3. TCM Acne Scar Cream.

TCM Acne Scar Cream
TCM Acne Scar Cream

The awkwardness of our teenage years (and maybe even adulthood!) leaves marks behind, but none as clear and annoying as acne scars.

But fear not—whoever said “scars are forever” never knew TCM Acne Scar Cream existed. This revolutionary cream gathers the best ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine and combines them into one super-cream, tailor-made to fight acne.

Acne scars? They fade. Pimples and zits? Destroyed in a second. Future breakouts? Prevented. Dark spots? Vanished! Budget-friendly? You know it.

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4. Multifunctional Travel Makeup Pen.

Multifunctional Travel Makeup Pen

Doing your makeup on the go is both practical and a nightmare. Juggling your foundation, eyeliner, and lipstick is a challenge, as is storing them inside a purse.

… But what if you could do your makeup with a single pen?

The Multifunctional Travel Makeup Pen is 4 in 1, featuring three black and brown eyeliners and one pink lip liner—your essential nude shades in a single pen.

Long lasting, practical, accessible and light—what’s not to love?

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5. Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum.

Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Eyebrows are whimsical—some thin out too fast while others have bald spots, making it complicated to give them a full shape.

But you don’t need to rely on makeup now—change your look with the Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum.

Almost magical in its chemical structure, the Original FEG Serum stimulates hair follicles to restart hair growth, promoting thicker, darker and longer eyebrows within 20 days of use.

Apply at night and say hello to brand new eyebrows!

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6. Nano Teeth Whitening Kit.

Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

Yellow teeth? Don’t worry about it. Your best asset is your smile, so don’t be ashamed of showing it off.

But if you’d like to have a brand-new, Hollywood-like smile, then get the Nano Teeth Whitening Kit—100% effective, no scary dentists needed!

Its highly advanced nanotech constitution scrubs off dental plaque to a highly precise level and removes deep-seated coffee and tobacco stains, turning your teeth noticeably whiter in just a couple minutes.

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7. Herbal Hair Loss Concealer Pen.

Herbal Hair Loss Concealer Pen

Healthy hair is a privilege that we can’t always have—whether it is thinning or white hairs, our luscious locks often need assistance.

And when Mother Nature doesn’t provide, Father Technology answers the call.

The Herbal Hair Loss Concealer Pen was designed in Japan to counter multiple hair issues at the same time. It’s composed of waterproof pigments that provide instant coverage to gray hairs and bald spots, making your hair look abundant in a second.

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8. Lash Lift Pro Kit.

Lash Lift Pro Kit

Your eyes are the window to your soul. Shouldn’t they have a striking set of curtains to go with it?

Make sure yours are always gorgeous and striking by getting this Lash Lift Pro Kit—the permanent solution to perfect and curly eyelashes, every day.

It consists of silicon pads to provide the perfect angle, a perm lotion to curl your eyelashes, a setting lotion to make it last one month, and a nourishing agent to protect the delicate hair.

Bye, mascara!

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9. Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain.

Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

Feeling brand new isn’t just about looks—it’s also disposition. And chronic pain is guaranteed to destroy it in a heartbeat.

Thankfully, we have the Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain, also known as the perfect solution for muscle pain.

Designed to resemble a therapist’s massage, its two silicon balls target sore muscles and pressure points, providing instant relief to a plethora of afflictions.—right at the comfort of your home.

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