8 Things That’ll Make You Say, “There’s A Product For That?!”

8 Things That'll Make You Say, There's A Product For That

The best part of our rapidly evolving technology is how efficient it is at solving some of humanity’s biggest problems. Communication is no longer an issue, transportation is as fast and efficient as ever, and we are on our way to cure some of the deadliest diseases.

The second best part of advanced technology is how efficient it is at solving problems we did not even know existed. Or better yet—problems so inconsequential to daily life, we never wondered if they had a solution.

Check the list of eight items that will surprise you by solving some of your daily life’s most recurrent problems. Or not. But they are fantastic anyway.

8. Strainer Clip Anti-Spill Colander.

Strainer Clip Anti-Spill Colander

Ah, yes—the endless strainer struggle. Clip-on strainers fit only similarly-sized pots, and having a separate strainer it’s a handful by itself. And even though these seemed the only two options available, a third contender just arrived.

The Strainer Clip Anti-Spill Colander offers a high-quality silicone design that allows for great flexibility—it will fit each and every pot you own, but without risking damage or malformation of its shape.

Heat-resistant, dishwasher safe, easy to store, and also sold in multiple cute colors—this strainer is a perfect addition to your kitchen, will make cooking pasta a piece of cake.

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7. EZ-Tissue Holder with Mobile Rack.

EZ-Tissue Holder with Mobile Rack

Don’t even try to deny it—you can’t visit the bathroom without your phone. What are you supposed to do while sitting there, anyway? Read a magazine? It’s the smartphone era, and we will take any chance we can get to read our mail.

But at some point, you’ll need to put your phone aside. What to do with it?

The EZ-Tissue Holder with Mobile Rack helps you with this dilemma and makes the experience a tad bit fancier. Its tiny shelf is perfect to set your phone and other small valuables down and reduce the always-alarming risk of having them fall down the toilet. Finally, its minimalistic and sleek stainless steel design makes it fit for every type of bathroom.

Fashionable and practical. The way we like our toilet items.

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6. Photo String Lights.

Photo String Lights

What happens when you mix the trend of lovely fairy lights and your love for photography? You get these Photo String Lights—the chic decoration item you never knew you needed until now.

These lovely LED lights come in multiple hues to suit your needs, while the clips allow you to display whatever you consider worthy—family photos, artwork, postcards, and anything that might give your room that deeply personal touch you always seek.

With a length of 1.2 meters and 10 LED clips, the Photo String Lights will bring a new familiar warmth to your place, alongside a display of your personality and what makes you happy.

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5. Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces).

Stretch Seal Lids

It is way past dinner and you’re rushing to store leftovers, so you go through your food container collection. You find the perfect one, at last… But now you can’t seem to find the matching lid.

The result? Lost time, missing lids, and probably additional stress you don’t need.

But this is 2020—you don’t have to live like this any longer. We have advanced technologically. We have the solution.

Stretch & Seal Lids are made to fit any container and surface—be it half an onion, a pineapple, or your favorite bowl, these lids will provide a tight seal that will keep your food fresh with no extra hassle.

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4. Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle.

Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle

The gemstone energy medicine sages amongst us know the truth—crystal energy water has a profound positive effect within our bodies.

Crystals are charged with powerful minerals that have a deep influence in our body’s energy composition. Likewise, we are made of over 70% water—subsequently, drinking crystal-infused water will recharge and realign our body’s energy towards full health benefits.

This bottle is the perfect way to achieve your health goal. Elegant and highly effective, this glass and stainless steel infuser features a removable crystal infuser, allowing you to soak your water in it and eventually absorb the benefits.

It features over ten different crystals, each one with its own properties!

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3. Galaxy Light Bulb.

Galaxy Light Bulb

It’s impossible not to be mystified by the beauty of space—constellations, nebulae and galaxies all feature a whirlwind of colors and mesmerizing patterns that lures you in, almost making you want to trap one in your room to admire forever.

What if I told you we can make it possible? Well, not literally, but almost—we can give you the Galaxy Light Bulb.

As its name implies, this magnificent lightbulb can cast a mystical starry sky within your own room thanks to its beautiful LED lights, set in multiple colors and featuring 3D effects.

Close your eyes and gaze upon to see the most relaxing aspects of the universe—right at the comfort of your home.

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2. Fast Defrosting Tray For Frozen Foods.

Fast Defrosting Tray For Frozen Foods

Defrosting food is one of the biggest “easy” challenges during cooking. It has to be done gradually for it to be safe, but doing so can risk a defrosting process that might last even longer than a day.

But we have found the perfect solution—the one that gets the best of both worlds.

The Fast Defrosting Tray is made of high-quality nonstick aluminum, designed to speed up the defrosting process by dispersing the cold, all while keeping the mess in a single area to avoid further messes.

To make a long story short—you can have that delicious meat cooked in mere minutes without risking the proliferation of bacteria, or damaging the quality of the product.

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1. Sink Glass Cleaner Brush.

Sink Glass Cleaner Brush

Washing the dishes is no one’s favorite activity, particularly glasses. It’s just uncomfortable to reach inside to wash them, not to mention reaching the bottom is always a struggle.

Sink Glass Cleaner Brush has just rendered this complication obsolete.

This Unique Kitchen Gadget has a suction cup that allows you to install it in any corner of your sink. Once you finish assembling it, insert your glasses so the extra-large brushes can do the cleaning for you—and that’s it, no mess, fast, and easy to disassemble and clean!

The perfect solution to a problem you never knew you had.

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