8 Products I Don’t Understand How You’ve Lived Your Whole Life Without

8 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

Human beings are tough cookies. And I mean, really, really tough cookies.

We have evolved withstanding nature’s constant challenges and, regardless, we have prospered. That is because we are made to adapt ourselves to any circumstances and that carries on to our modern life.

And since we adapt to tough challenges with such ease, you’d be surprised to know there are many products you haven’t heard of that are designed to make your life easier.

Don’t believe me? Worry not—we have a list of eight products you haven’t heard of before, and all of them make me wonder out loud what have been doing your entire life without them.

1. Adjustable Standing Desk.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Odds are you use your laptop in one of two ways—either neatly positioned at a desk or with you sprawled in any way that feels most comfortable.

What if I told you there is a perfect middle point, just waiting for you?

Meet the Adjustable Standing Desk—designed to adapt itself to any height or position you might need. Likewise, its surface has multiple venting holes that prevent overheating by allowing air circulation, something that is not possible when you rest your computer on your bed or lap.

Fit for the couch, the bed, the floor, and maybe even standing if so you want—this desk is the future for computer usage, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t own it before.

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2. Mr Teaman Infuser.

Mr Teaman Infuser

Quirky and whimsical items are in, but they are even better when they have practical purposes. That is precisely why we wish to introduce you to this fine gentleman.

Mr. Teaman is not like any other man you’ve met—he loves to soak inside your cups and is quite the expert at preparing the most delicious tea you’ve had.

Made with food-safe silicone that is easy to wash, the Mr. Teaman Infuser is a fun and original way to prepare your favorite drink, not to mention he will aid you in keeping the leaves locked inside for your complete comfort.

Quite the good sir, isn’t he?

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3. Lux Light Sensor Outlet.

Lux Light Sensor Outlet

The struggle of getting up in the middle of the night—other than the ghost lurking in the corner—is navigating through the impossibly dark halls of your own home as you try to find the light switch.

Lux Light Sensor Outlet is your solution to this minor but rather dangerous hazard.

How does it work? Simple enough—push it into proper position, and that’s it! It works as any regular outlet would, but its system of LED lights, powered by the outlet box, activates in the dark through its sensors.

The lights are soft and unobtrusive, but work efficiently as illumination sources during the dark of the night—no switch required.

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4. Folding Cutting Board.

Folding Cutting Board

Chopping onions, herbs, tomatoes, and other kitchen essentials is easy enough—until it’s time to pour it all on the pot. No matter what you do, a lot of food is going everywhere but inside, giving you extra rounds on cleaning duty.

Luckily enough for us, there is a product specifically designed to aid you with this predicament.

The Folding Cutting Board works as two products in one, as it is both a cutting board and a scoop. Slice your food upon the board and grab the handle when you finish—that’s when it turns into a scoop, and you are free to pour your ingredients inside the pan.

No hassle, no mess. Just delicious food.

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5. Self-Stick Rug Pads.

Self-Stick Rug Pads

Life is full of minor annoyances—things that are relatively harmless yet incredibly bothersome. For example, carpets shifting out of place at random times, or corners lifting at the perfect moment for you to trip on them.

Thankfully, someone took this growing problem with the seriousness it deserved and designed the Self-Stick Rug Pads.

It’s not rocket science—just place one of these reusable pads on each corner of your rug and goodbye Aladdin, no more flying carpets exploring whole new worlds.

The Self-Stick Rug Pads work best on hard floors and are adhesive free—wash them, and they’re ready to go again!

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6. Magic Bag Lids.

Magic Bag Lids

All the benefit of plastic containers but without the big, bothersome containers. Magic Bag Lids are, perhaps, the solution to the storage of snacks and fresh foods—they are practical, high-quality lids meant to fit any and every bag you want.

Half-eaten chips, fresh veggies or tasty nuts will remain crispy without the need for a space-consuming container. Keep them in their original bags, stick one of your Magic Bag Lids by attaching the two-piece bag cap and get ready for perfectly preserved snacks at all times.

Open the lid, and enjoy your food!

The set contains three (3) lids made of food grade plastic, and are both freezer and dishwasher safe.

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7. Identity Protection Roller.

Identity Protection Roller

We live in the century of information and communication—everything is interconnected, and our privacy has become one of our most important assets. Protecting our information is essential in a world where everyone fights to obtain it.

Here, we may have a solution.

The Identity Protector Roller makes your important information virtually unreadable. Made with a highly encrypted pattern, this ink stamp rolls upon your sensitive data, censoring from the eyes of those that mean harm.

Far simpler and cheaper than shredding, all it requires is a roll for it to erase bank information, social security numbers and any personal data that may threaten your safety and peace of mind.

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8. Electric Drink Dispenser.

Electric Drink Dispenser

This inexpensive and approachable gadget is nothing short of ingenious. With a single action, it can transform any beverage container into a drink dispenser.

Powered by a vigorous yet simple motor, it prompts the fluids up the straw to be released out of the dispenser at your convenience, as it has a touch trigger to start the flow.

The Electric Drink Dispenser is perfect for all households—it allows mom to pour drinks easily while busy, prevents spills from unruly kids, and aids the elderly and disabled without extra effort.

Not to mention you can use it again and again—it’s long lasting and easy to wash!

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