7 Innovative Products That Are Next-Level Genius

7 Innovative Products That Are Next-Level Genius

Have you ever seen something that makes you stand in shock, awed at the sheer amount of intellect condensed within a single item?

How can such a marvelous thing exist? How come I didn’t think of it before?

These, my friends, are the real masterpieces—forget about Da Vinci, everyday items that combine both practicality and cleverness are the perfect examples of creative thinking.

1. ShopBuddy Grocery Bag Handler.

ShopBuddy Grocery Bag Handler

It’s hard to know what is the worst part of carrying grocery bags—the weight, or the annoying burn of the handles against your skin. They cut, hurt, and nothing you do seems to help against this formidable foe.

The ShopBuddy Grocery Bag Handler may look unassuming and small, but it’s the hero that will save you from distress. While it cannot reduce the weight of your groceries, it can help you avoid the friction damage in your hands.

Its ergonomic handle can hold multiple bags, yet remains soft enough to eliminate the hand discomfort you’ve come to expect.

Other than being small and easy to carry, the ShopBody Grocery Bag Handler has a beautiful design that comes in multiple colors.

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2. Wine Cooler Aerator.

Wine Cooler Aerator

Can you picture a fast and efficient way to cool your wine, while still providing the right aeration it needs to reach the perfect taste? Someone did their homework once and came up with the revolutionary, genius Wine Cooler Aerator.

Designed in stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic, the Wine Cool Aerator only needs to be chilled in the fridge for an hour before it is ready for your wine bottle.

Once the tightly-sealed cooling gel is frozen, all you have to do is ensemble the rod with the aerating pouring spout, and that’s it! You are ready to insert it inside your preferred bottle.

Your wine will be at the perfect temperature, receive the ideal amount of air to ensure quality, and you won’t spill a drop while serving it—all thanks to one simple, life-changing device.

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3. Contour Duplication Gauge.

Contour Duplication Gauge

Trying to duplicate a shape to perfection is, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges within certain specialties, particularly for those engaging in art and construction.

So, what to do? A viable solution to this never-ending woe would be to invest in the inexpensive and high-quality Contour Duplication Gauge.

This mind-blowing tool allows you to instantly measure the shape of any item you want by adapting itself to the form of the chosen object, holding it still for you to use in whatever way you want.

For your comfort, the Contour Duplication Gauge includes ruler markings to aid in the precision of your task. Likewise, it has a built-in magnet, added to assist in the measurement of iron items by ensuring firmness and reducing movement.

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4. Magic Speaker Bulb.

Magic Speaker Bulb

Colorful bulbs are mesmerizing and beautiful, but odds are we will get tired of a particular color after some time, increasing the need to replace bulbs often.

But what if you could have all the colors within a single lightbulb, changing them at your whim? The Magic Speaker Bulb promises to do that and more.

This LED light bulb is equipped with a powerful Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to connect with it through your smartphone and change the color at whim, whenever you want.

But that’s not all—the Bluetooth speaker plays music whenever you want and from multiple sources—Spotify, YouTube, Pandora and more!

All of these features make the Magic Speaker Bulb the perfect mix of beauty and practicality, a fascinating decoration tailor-made to create the right atmosphere whenever you want.

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5. Flexible Drill Extension.

Flexible Drill Extension

While drills are magical devices that have made our lives easier through time, sometimes they are too big to reach certain narrow spots, frustrating us to no end.

That’s what makes the Flexible Drill Extension so good—you can finally work on that spot you couldn’t approach before, without investing in a brand new tool.

Long and flexible, this ingenious add-on can bend in any direction you want. However, at its core it has a rotating shaft that twists alongside your drill, making it the perfect screwdriver extension to work on those stubborn screws hidden in hard to reach places.

The Drill Bit Extension Screwdriver is 295mm long, made of plastic and metal, and a must in every toolbox.

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6. Toilet Seat Light Glow.

Toilet Seat Light Glow

Whatever you say, I bet you never thought of a magical glowing toilet as one of the things you should buy in this life. But to be honest, you should invest in one.

And you know why? Because it’s both practical and completely awesome.

Not only it lights up your bathroom with a mystical hue that will make your bathroom deco stand out, but it also provides soft illumination in the dark of the night—just enough for you to locate the toilet without turning on the bathroom lights and ruining your sleep for the rest of the night.

The Toilet Seat Light Glow can change color to your favorite shade and has a motion-activated sensor that makes sure it only turns on when you need it.

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7. Jar & Bottle Opener.

Jar & Bottle Opener

Say goodbye to straining your arms to open a stuck jar or bottle. Tell your family members that you won’t need their assistance any longer, because now you can handle any tightly-seal challenge that comes your way.

Why? Because the Jar & Bottle Opener is finally here.

Honoring its name, the Jar & Bottle Opener will open anything. It features four sizes, allowing it to fit multiple types of jars and bottles for your comfort, not to mention it’s easy to use and requires zero strength—adjust the right circle around the lid, squeeze, turn, and twist! That’s all it takes to open a sealed container.

Senior citizens, children, people with arthritis or just folks not blessed with arm strength will love the Jar & Bottle Opener, as it is both practical, easy to store, and incredibly effective at what it does.

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