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30 Spookastic No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Fall & Halloween

30 Spookastic No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Fall & Halloween
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It is fun to play with pumpkins in the fall, especially when Halloween is around the corner. Kids get impatient and start decorating their pumpkins even many weeks before October 31st.

In this scenario, carving pumpkins doesn’t seem a cool idea as they cannot stay for more than a week, yet kids want to keep their dreadful and spooky pumpkins forever with them.

Therefore, we are bringing you some very easy yet extremely inventive SPOOKASTIC (spooky and fantastic) ideas for No Carve Pumpkin this Halloween.

But before you get a knife to carve a pumpkin, it is SUGGESTED to dwell on the vibes with the most amazing sayings about autumn (that comes in September), and of course, with exciting words in the mind about Halloween month.  

Now, let’s try the pumpkin carving ideas without wasting time.

6 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for your Favorite Cartoon Characters:

Embellish your home or ask your friends to decorate theirs with good stuff and a spark in the heart. Are you finding the best Halloween gifts for your buddy? Check this link!

For now, get a wing to these intriguing ideas.

1. Spa Going Pumpkin:

You don’t need to do too much to take your pumpkin to the spa.

Ooh, la la, your pumpkin will look cool, and you don’t need to do much. For this:

  1. Get a pumpkin
  2. Put turquoise color in round shape (keeping space for nose and lips)
  3. Take two pieces of cucumbers and stick with glue on the eyes
  4. Let the nose and lips remain orange
  5. Take a handkerchief and tie around your pumpkin head like a towel

Tada, your pumpkin to the spa is ready

Spa Going Pumpkin
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2. Finding Nemo pumpkin:

It is not so hard to make this design. You all need a little pro like painting skills.

Finding Nemo pumpkin
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3. Ninja Turtles:

You just need ninja turtle straps to tie around the head and some painting skills.

Ninja Turtles
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4. Yoda pumpkin:

Not a hard task, but it is a decorative pumpkin you would love to have in your yard on Halloween.

For this:

  1. Get a doll, make it wearing green gloves, white coat, and maroon undershirt ( you can also use any dress combo as it is your Yoda, so can have your style)
  2. Spray your pumpkin with green paint and trace eyes, nose, and mouth using the marker.
  3. Cut big ears using chart paper and attach on the head sides

Yoda is ready to celebrate Halloween

Yoda pumpkin
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5. Olaf Pumpkin:

Do you need warm hugs on Halloween??? Olaf is here to give you warm hugs.

It can be one of the best pumpkin decorating ideas for contests. All you need is:

  1. Take four pumpkins, one medium-sized for the head, one big sized for the body, and two small ones, for feet. (you can also use your white shoes as Olaf feet
  2. Paint all the pumpkins with white
  3. Now, trace eyes and big brows, and mouth using in black waterproof markers(use pumpkin pedicel as the nose)
  4. Now, on the body, trace three buttons
  5. Get some wooden sticks and grave them in pumpkin as hands and hair
  6. Place the head on the arms and…

Wow… your Olaf is ready, and it will look like this.

Olaf Pumpkin
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Place it in the yard and lets everybody chant for your fall decoration. For more fall decorations for the home, click here.

6. Emoji Pumpkin:

Who doesn’t love having emojis at home? It can be an incredible idea to spread some love this fall using pumpkins, famous for the fright.

You just need to paint the pumpkins yellow and then add expressions on them.


Emoji Pumpkin
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6 No Carve Message Pumpkins:

7. Peekaboo Pumpkins:

Isn’t it Interesting to send Halloween messages to your peeps, coming to the home, through pumpkins???

Hehe, you can do this by simply following these four steps:

  1. Get black and gold sprays
  2. Spray pumpkin with black and pedicel with gold
  3. Add letters with a white gel pen or crafted with papers (paste them on pumpkins)

Peekaboo!!! Your pumpkin is ready 😀

Peekaboo Pumpkins
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8. Hoot and Spooky Pumpkin:

This is cute and spooky. Don’t need to do much.

Just turn pumpkin pedicel into white and add “Hoot” and “Spooky” message text.”


Hoot and Spooky Pumpkin
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9. Happy Halloween Message:

Though it is common but, pumpkin decoration cannot be completed without it.

Add happy Halloween text to your pumpkin and rock.

Happy Halloween Message
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10. Your Named Pumpkin:

Here is another idea for pumpkin decoration without carving… make pumpkins of your name.

You just need to paint the name and add some dots or stars to the pumpkin.


Your Named Pumpkin
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11. Trick or Treat Pumpkin:

Make this message and place the pumpkin in your yard and let everybody decide.


Trick or Treat Pumpkin
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12.  It’s Fall Y’all Pumpkin:

Get a big pumpkin, turn it white, and add your message using elegant watercolor brush pens.

Its Fall Yall Pumpkin
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6 No Carve Glow in the dark pumpkins:

13. Jack o lantern pumpkin with no-carve method:

You don’t need to carve the pumpkin to make lantern this year with this amazing idea. Isn’t it great???

Well, you don’t need to do much. Here are the steps:

  1. Cut eyes, nose, and lips shape from paper and paste on the pumpkin.
  2. Take neon paint, and spray on your pumpkin
  3. Remove the paper from eyes, nose, and lips and color the place with black color

Wait for the night and see your lantern glowing.

Jack o lantern pumpkin with no-carve method
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14. Glowing in the dark pumpkin:

It is also done with neon paint. For this:

  1. Color your pumpkin with dark paint fully,
  2. Cut the neon tape in different shapes and paste on the pumpkin
  3. Wait for night to let them glow

Isn’t it great???

Glowing in the dark pumpkin
Image Sources alleideen

15. The glowing coco pumpkins:

You just neon paints or markers, make skull patterns on your pumpkin, to rock the pumpkin decorating contest.

The glowing coco pumpkins
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16. The Glowing Boo:

Add the paint of Boo with some decorative text and BOO!

The Glowing Boo
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17. Glowing Skull No Carve Pumpkin:

Once again, glow in the dark paints are what you need to use for this pumpkin crafting.

Glowing Skull No Carve Pumpkin
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6 The mummy pumpkins:

This is cool and simple yet spoooooky and scary.

18. Scary mummy pumpkin:

All you need is bandage wrap and chat paper.

  1. Make two eyes with chart paper and paste them on your pumpkin
  2. You can also make a pointing shape like teeth, or a circle like a mouth and attach on the pumpkin
  3. Now, wrap your pumpkin in the bandage

Voila, your mummy pumpkin is ready.

Scary mummy pumpkin
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19. Pink mummy pumpkin:

You can also make different colored mummy pumpkins using net fabric and by wrapping it around your frightening pumpkin:

pink mummy
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20. Hidden face mummy pumpkin:

You just need to keep the eyes open and wrap the rest of your pumpkin in white see-through fabric.

Hidden face mummy pumpkin
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21. The Boo Pumpkin baby:

Wrap your little pumpkin in the paper of straps and Boo!

The Boo Pumpkin baby
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22. Spooky Buggie Pumpkino:

Wrap your pumpkin but add some bugs made of paper on the place using glue. Yucky spooky pumpkin is ready.

Spooky Buggie Pumpkino
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23. The smiling Bat Mummy Pumpkin No Carve:

Add bat-like eyes and teeth and let everybody go scared.

The smiling Bat Mummy Pumpkin No Carve
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Freaking Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas:

24. The Bat Pumpkin:

Turn your pumpkin in black, cut some paper pieces for eyes, ears, feathers, ears, and teeth.

Glue them and go.

The Bat Pumpkin
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It can also look like this, based on your creative skills and be a part of your DIY Spooky Basket

The Bat Pumpkin 2
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25. The Grinch Pumpkin:

Grinch doesn’t like Christmas, but he loves to on Halloween and scare people out.

Some green paint, one Christmas cap, and a marker to trace the face. Woo!

The Grinch Pumpkin
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26. Pumpkin Ant:

Attach the pumpkins, use branches of the tree as legs, and Yo!

Pumpkin Ant
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27. The Pumpkoker (Pumpkin Joker):

Paint your pumpkin and use red tissue paper s hair.

You are ready to scare everyone out!

The Pumpkoker (Pumpkin Joker)
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28. The Yucky Bugs Pumpking:

You just need some spiders and bugs to spread on your pumpkin, to rock.

The Yucky Bugs Pumpking
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29. owly wowly pumpkins:

you just need two pumpkins and some markers to paint it professionally. Your owl pumpkin is ready to spread fright.

owly wowly pumpkins
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30. Minion Pumpkin:

Instead of cute, you can paste the scary minions with antinode.

Minion Pumpkin
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Boo!tom Line:

Are you interested in more Halloween-related stuff? Or something like scary coffin nails to behave like a real witch? Keep following Inspire Uplift’s blog for more interesting content by the way,

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