26 New Inventions That Should’ve Existed Forever

When you think of historical, life-changing inventions usually the first things that come to mind are the modern coveniences that we enjoy today such as; air conditioning, automobiles, telephones, radio, televisions and the list goes on. These are mechanisims that we all use on a daily basis, and hardly give a second thought to. We’ve become so accustomed to these creations that it’s hard to imagine life without them! It’s actually as if they’ve been around forever!

The 26 New Inventions, that we’ve listed below, aren’t exactly historically significant, yet, but they sure can be life-changing! These recent, innovational discoveries help to make our lives easier, more convenient, and more comfortable! While they may not be as elaborate or as crucial as the aforementioned inventions, they sure do come in handy when they’re needed! Once you see just what they can do and you understand how much easier life can be, with them in it, you’ll realize that these inventions too, should’ve existed forever!

26. Lazy Mop Slippers

Lazy Mop Slippers


Comfortable enough to wear every day, these Lazy Mop Slippers are made of super-soft microfiber to attract dust and dirt and hold onto it! Stop wasting your valuable time dragging out the dust pan and broom. These fun, brightly colored slippers will sweep up those annoying dust bunnies, in no time, as you shuffle back and forth from the couch to the fridge, down the hall to the bedroom and then back to the couch again! Just do whatever it is that you do on a daily basis and these handy, mop slippers will do all the work for you while you go about your daily routine! Perfect for bachelors, college students and those obsessive, multi-taskers these comfy slippers fit most adult feet. Once you use them, you’ll wonder how you did without them for so long!

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25. Toasty USB Hand Warmers

Toasty USB Hand Warmers


Keep your hands toasty warm, while typing, with these adorable Toasty USB Hand Warmers. Computer keyboards also, are a relatively modern invention that we all enjoy today, but typing while your hands are freezing is pretty much near impossible to do! With the Toasty USB Hand Warmers you can type, write or text easily and you won’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort to do so. Made of ultra-plush material and super soft fabric, these delightful, heated, hand warmers keep your hands nice and warm and look like cute, little slices of toast. They’re entirely USB powered so you can use a power bank, a phone charger, your laptop or your computer’s USB port as a power source. They’re the perfect study buddies and they won’t get in the way. The adjustable wrist straps and fingerless hand pockets offer a snug fit, that won’t slip, and they provide plenty of room to get your work done! With this adorable, new invention cold hands are now a thing of the past!

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24. Cracked Glass Repair Kit

Cracked Glass Repair Kit


With the DIY Cracked Glass Repair Kit, damaged glass on windshields can be repaired safely, easily and inexpensively. Fix bulls-eyes, cracks, chips, spider webs, and stars before these imperfections have a chance to lengthen or enlarge! It’s so easy to use anyone can repair damaged glass on windshields or windows. This handy, glass repair kit includes everything you’ll need to achieve a quality repair, within 20 minutes! The single-ingredient filler simplifies the application process by eliminating the need to mix or heat materials and because the ingredients match the optical qualities of glass they create a clear repair. This powerful filler solution even makes glass resistant to future cracks and damage!

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23. 3D Phone Magnifying Stand

3D Phone Magnifying Stand

Smart phones and cell phones are wonderful, modern inventions and actually about half of U.S. mobile phone owners use their devices to watch videos every single day! However, their screens can be so small that many people find it difficult to use them to watch videos, or view photos, without wearing a pair of reading glasses! The 3D Phone Magnifying Stand is a handy gadget that magnifies the display screen on your smart phone making it easier to watch videos, movies or news while on your phone. It’s the perfect device to relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by focusing too long on such a small screen. This convenient, phone holder-stand is compatible with all smartphones, and the lightweight, portable design makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go! So go ahead and enjoy one modern covenience, using another, with our innovative, 3D Phone Magnifying Stand!

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22. Electric Drink Dispenser

Electric Drink Dispenser


An absolute must-have for every household, this Electric Drink Dispenser will turn any beverage container into an easy-to-use, drink dispenser eliminating the need to lift heavy bottles and preventing spills, drips and waste! Specifically designed for use with beverages this battery powered device has a motor that draws drinks up through a straw and out of the handy dispenser. This clever drink dispenser has a touch trigger to start the flow and the tap pump draws the liquid to the top. It’s so simple to use that even young children and older family members, who suffer from arthritis or general weakness in the arms or hands, can operate it with ease! Easy to clean, and environmentally friendly, this drink dispenser can be used over and over again, even on refillable bottles and jugs!

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21. Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield

Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield


Here’s a new invention that can actually be a true life-saver! Drivers often underestimate the dangers of driving in adverse weather conditions, which can result in tragic accidents. Conditions such as snow, fog, or even heavy rain can make driving particularly dangerous for even the most cautious of drivers. With the Magic Mirror Anti-Fog Shield drivers who encounter bad weather, while on the road, have a much clearer view through their mirrors and are far less likely to be involved in dangerous accidents. They’re so easy to apply and the nanometer-coating protective film features high light transmittance and is waterproof, anti-fog and anti glare to improve the safety factor while driving in bad weather.

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20. Flexible Drill Extension

Flexible Drill Extension


Another, where have you been all my life, invention is the Flexible Drill Extension! Inserting your screwdriver into narrow spaces or situating it into awkward positions can be darn near impossible at times. This can turn a task, that should be quick and easy, into one that’s difficult and time consuming. This handy tool is just what you need to make your life a whole lot easier! This innovative, Flexible Drill Extension features a flexible shaft, designed to help you complete those difficult tasks with ease. The freely rotating inner extension shaft allows you to tighten and loosen screws that are located in those awkward, hard to reach places. Bend it, twist it and turn it, this drill extension works perfectly in tight or confined spaces and it’s safe to use. The extension actually protects your hand, while the inside shaft rotates freely. The flexible shaft can be used with any general formula, hand drill chuck and is suitable for use with an electric screwdriver.

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19. Self Stick Rug Pads

Self Stick Rug Pads


Avoid dangerous accidents and prevent rugs or carpets, that are placed on hard floors or tiles, from slipping and sliding. These Self Stick Rug Pads are so easy to use, just place one on each corner of your rug to prevent bunching, curling and tripping. Keep your rugs right where you want them! This innovative technology is really amazing! These pads are 100% adhesive free, so you don’t have to worry about sticky residue ruining your beautiful floor or scratching your tiles. If they start to loose their stickiness simply wash them with soapy water, and rinse, and they’ll be as good as new! Keep your home tidy and safe with these Self Stick Rug Pads!

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18. Reusable Grocery Trolley Bags

Reusable Grocery Trolley Bags


So much better than any ordinary paper bags these ingenious, Reusable Grocery Trolley Bags are sure to be your new #1 shopping companion! No more environmentally unfriendly, plastic bags for you! These durable shopping bags are specially designed with strong handles, on both ends, and are capable of holding up to 40 lbs! They fit easily into any shopping cart and feature a convenient front pocket for easy storgae of coupons, wallet and even your phone! Made of Eco-friendly, recycled materials these extra-soft trolley bags can be folded flat when not in use. Now, you can feel good that you’re helping to save the environment while you shop! This is one new invention that definitely should’ve existed forever!

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17. Portable Bottle Blender

Portable Bottle Blender


Life can be so hectic at times that it can actually be hard to find time to grab something to eat or drink! With this convenient, Portable Bottle Blender you can make easy, delicious and fresh smoothies, shakes and juices while you’re on the go! When you’re done blending it you can drink it right out of the bottle! What could be more convenient, or more healthy, than that? It’s USB rechargeable so you can power it up wherever you are! The bottle blender features four, powerful blades and can hold 380 ml of liquid and with four vibrant colors to choose from, it’ll be easy to find one to make your own personal, portable, blending tool today!

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16. Sleepy Cloud Travel Pillow

Sleepy Cloud Travel Pillow


Designed for a more natural, ergonomic position that supports your upper body and helps to eliminate stiff neck and sore shoulders, the Sleepy Cloud Travel Pillow is the ultimate in comfort! The innovative design, and buttery-soft material, provides a relaxing and restful, deep sleep while allowing you to travel comfortably in a natural forward position. Featuring a unique shape the distinctive form allows you to play games or watch movies, on your phone, inside the pillow. This travel pillow follows the natural curve of your neck to reduce pain-causing pressure! It’s perfect for use on an airplane, train, bus or car and can be used while at home, the office or even camping. It includes its own compact travel carry bag, that’s lightweight and portable, so you can use it anywhere you need a deep, restful snooze. Easy to use, this inflatable sleeping pillow is perfect for kids and adults alike!

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15. USB Gold Painless Facial Hair Remover

USB Gold Painless Facial Hair Remover


Achieve that flawless look you’ve always wanted with the USB Gold Painless Facial Hair Remover. Designed to remove unwanted facial hair from your lip, chin, and cheeks, this hair removal device is fast, painless and easy-to-use. Its compact, lipstick-like design makes it discreet and convenient for use while traveling. The built-in light ensures that you never miss a single hair, and it’s safe on any skin type. Touch ups are a breeze with this innovative, new beauty accessory and you’ll see amazing results right away! Most importantly your hair won’t grow back thicker or faster. This rechargeable device is a new invention that’s sure to make your beauty routine easy!

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14. Cordless Stir Free

Cordless Stir Free


Preparing homemade soups and sauces is a time consuming process and standing in front of the stove stirring, can take hours! With the Cordless Stir Free you can spend that time with your family, cleaning the house, reading a good book or whatever else you’d like to be doing! This innovative kitchen utensil ensures even heat distribution throughout your dish. With the simple touch of a button this cordless stir free glides around the pot or pan base, effectively preventing your meal from scorching and sticking to the bottom of your saucepan or pot. It works with all pots and pans, whether they’re non-stick, stainless steel, aluminum or enamel. Battery operated, with 3 legs and silicone feet, this kitchen helper won’t scratch or damage your pans and the orbital turning action ensures that no spot in the pot is left unstirred. Stirs your soups, sauces or beans for up to 4 hours! It’s the new, must-have kitchen helper!

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13. Chiropractic Neck Pillow

Chiropractic Neck Pillow


There’s no invention like an invention to help ease chronic pain! By gently cradling your neck and removing the pressure and weight of your head off of it, our Chiropractic Neck Pillow alleviates pain while also correcting spinal alignment. Relieve chronic pain caused by pinched nerves, herniated discs, poor spine alignment, compressed discs, headaches and even jaw joint pain. Lightweight, safe, portable and sturdy the Chiropractic Neck Pillow is the perfect home treatment for anyone who suffers with persistent neck pain. Using this pillow for just 15 minutes a day will help reduce tension in your neck and can be more effective than an entire chiropractic session! Use it while sitting up in bed reading, watching tv or working on the computer. Use it wherever you need relief from neck pains!

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12. Food Preservation Tray

Food Preservation Tray


Stop throwing your money away! On average the American family uses 24 rolls of shrink wrap per year. That’s about two boxes of shrink wrap per month! At three to five bucks a box, that’s roughly $90 a year! With this innovative, Food Preservation Tray, there’s no more wrapping your food with shrink wrap or toxic aluminum! This space-saving food preserving tray is safe, durable, and Eco-friendly! No one likes to eat brownish leftovers and with this ingenious tray your leftovers stay fresh for days. The resistant, film lid releases air from the tray, after it’s filled, ensuring that the contents stay fresher, longer. It’s so easy to use! Just place your leftovers on the tray, cover, release the air and lock the tray until you’re ready to serve! The airtight seal keeps your food fresh and prevents browning. It’s dishwasher safe, 100% leak-proof and stackable, for optimal pantry or fridge organization!

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11. Pet Paw Cleaner

Pet Paw Cleaner


There’s no easier or more effective way to clean your dog’s feet than with this ingenious, Pet Paw Cleaner! Safe and so easy-to-use this clever device works like a small agitation washer to gently and thoroughly clean your pet’s paws. The truth of the matter is that each year over 2 million people get sick from the bacteria that was present on their dog’s paws. Each day your dog walks through dirt, trash, urine and even feces and then tracks those dangerous germs right back into your home or car, around your family and even into your bed! YUCK! The good news is that with the Pet Paw Cleaner, you never have to worry about your adventurous pup’s dirty paws again. Now, your best friend can have all the outdoor fun it wants, without tracking harmful bacteria into your home or vehicle. This is one new invention that’s sure to be around forever!

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10. Travel Packing Organizer Set

Travel Packing Organizer Set


Keep everything organized and protect your clothes from stains, wrinkles and other damage while traveling with this convenient Travel Packing Organizer Set. Now, you can save time and space, while preparing your luggage, using this premium quality travel organizer. Featuring thick, soft, nylon fabric these travel packing bags are lightweight, but can hold lots of items and the mesh top panels are specially designed for easy identification of the contents, as well as ventilation. Each set includes 6 bags of various sizes that fit nicely into all types of suitcases. Featuring ultra-fine stitching and a smooth zipper, these travel packing bags are perfect for all of your clothing from your underwear to your jackets and even your towels. You can even use them for storing and organizing your makeup, while traveling, or use them at home as convenient storage bags.

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9. Modern Portable Laptop Stand

Modern Portable Laptop Stand


Another modern convenience made better, with a little help from a new invention! Computer geeks and gadget addicts alike are sure to fall in love with this handy laptop stand. Catch up on your emails and social media events, in comfort, with this Modern Portable Laptop Stand. This handy, flip-open stand stays discreetly hidden when not in use. Thinner and more ergonomic than any traditional laptop stand, on the market today, this laptop stand flips open when you’re using your computer and folds down when not in use. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone who works for extended periods of time on their laptops. The viewing angle is easily adjusted by positioning the laptop stand in various positions and the pre-installed adhesive makes it easy to attach to the back of your laptop. To remove it, simply pull on the stand and it slides right off! The adhesive detaches easily and cleanly and won’t damage your computer when removed. Use it over and over again without decreasing the strength or effectiveness. This laptop stand accommodates laptop computers up to 15.6″ and up to 18 lbs.

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8. Mosquito Killer Lantern

Mosquito Killer Lantern


Efficient and deadly! If you’re a mosquito that is! The Mosquito Killer Lantern has a zapper function that utilizes 360nm-400nm ultraviolet light bulbs and can effectively clear a 16ft x 16ft area, providing you with a mosquito free zone! No more fussing with those pesky mosquito coils or smelly bug sprays, this mosquito killer is a must have item for campers. Each lantern comes with a USB rechargeable battery which means you can plug it into your computer, a USB wall charger or even a portable battery pack. For each charge this lantern has 20 hours of battery life, even while in mosquito zapping mode, and there’s a convenient hook making it easy to hang from a branch, in your tent or from a string. The Mosquito Killer Lantern features 4 lighting options; Low, Medium and High, but the mosquito zapping setting is definitely the best setting of all!

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7. Professional Tree Grafting Kit

Professional Tree Grafting Kit


Gardeners have been grafting trees for years taking a species they love and adding it to a healthy rootstock. In return this procedure provides them with a beautiful, healthy tree of any species that they can think up. This amazing Professional Tree Grafting Kit makes grafting easy and there’s no professional guidance needed! This tool is sure to be any gardener’s dream come true! Featuring #65 Stainless Steel and double-edged grafting blades these pruning sheers are made of SK5 hardened steel, which means that they’re sure to be up for any job that you need done! The pruning blades are 1/8″ thick, the ideal size for cutting leaves, twigs and stems. These grafting shears make it possible to cut plants from 3/16″- 17/32″ in diameter, quickly and easily. Now, you can cut two, perfectly shaped cuts that fit together perfectly. Even if you’re not a pro at grafting, you’ll be using this tool like one in minutes, without any trouble at all!

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6. Car Retractable Windshield Cover

Car Retractable Windshield Cover


No more faded car interior! The Car Retractable Windshield Cover, with UV protection, is the perfect way to keep your car’s internal temperature cooler and prevent the interior from being baked by the sun! Crafted of high-quality materials this sunshade is made of high-density polyester that blocks 99.5% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the sun’s total solar energy. Super easy to install, this handy windshield cover is so much more convenient to use than those large pieces of cardboard and the adjustable design means it fits any size car! Effective and easy to manipulate, this sunshade was specially made to fit a wide variety of cars, including; vans, trucks, SUV’s, and even compact cars.

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5. Party Soda Dispenser

Party Soda Dispenser


What could be worse than a flat, tasteless soda? Now, you can keep your sodas fresh and fizzy longer with the Party Soda Dispenser! No need to worry about stale, unpalatable soft drinks any more, this soda dispenser is super easy to use and its compact size means that you can bring it with you anywhere. Take it to parties, picnics, weddings, family reunions or wherever you need your carbonated beverages to stay fresher, longer! This soda dispenser actually takes the place of your drink’s cap. This ingenious mechanism is simply designed to use gravity and the soda’s own carbonation to dispense, so there’s no need for batteries or electricity! Your guests are sure to LOVE that crisp taste of freshness and you’ll love the money it saves you! No more wasted sodas!

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4. 360 Degree Sink Aerator Head

360 Degree Sink Aerator Head


Move your faucet head into virtually any position, inside or outside of your sink! The innovative design of our 360 Degree Sink Aerator Head allows you to reach ranges from less than two inches to over five inches. Switch easily from regular flow to the 3-mode spray functions, with the touch of a button, and choose between: Jet, Jet + Shower or Shower only! The regular spray mode creates a wide, forceful blade of water powerful enough for superior cleaning and the ergonomic button on the sink aerator head ensures simple operation even with wet, soapy hands. Made of durable and safe ABS-silica and stainless steel, this handy device features an attractive design with a modern style. Now, you can create a luxurious and chic kitchen design, with classic flair, using this clean, modern-form sink head. Even more impressive than that, it can also help to reduce your energy costs and water usage by up to 70%!

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3. 360 Knife Cutter

360 Knife Cutter


Innovative and efficient, this is one new invention that combines two of the greatest inventions known to man; the knife and the wheel! Faster and more precise than scissors or a regular knife, it’s the perfect rolling knife! Featuring a sharp blade that’s great for cutting and chopping a variety of foods, everything from beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit and the list goes on! Specially designed the ergonomic handle lets you safely cut raw food fast. Its 360 degree rotating design ensures well-chopped ingredients, fast! Now, you can slice, dice, chop and mince with a high level of precision, evenly and easily with the unique, scissor-like design. Save time and money by preparing your meals quickly and easily with this rust-proof cutting utensil! It’s easy to grip and non-slip, and the user-friendly handle means that minimal force is needed to cut your foods effectively preventing you from using escessive force and straining your wrist!

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2. Contour Duplication Gauge

Contour Duplication Gauge


Work with less hassle and copy exact measurements and shapes with ease, every single time, with the Contour Duplication Gauge! This ingenious invention allows you to duplicate profiles and contours on your woodworking or auto body projects instantly! Use it to measure the shapes of irregular items to create an instant template for marking precise cuts. This tool perfectly conforms to any shape and holds its pattern! It’s perfect for woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any modeling or duplication job. Copying a profile has never been easier! Simply press the tooth against the object, to match the contour, and then track/trace the shape. It’s that easy! Made of high quality, strong, durable and anti-rust, plastic material this professional-grade tool features a magnet, that sticks to iron products, and ruler markings to make measuring and cutting a breeze. This helpful tool allows you to draw the profile on your projects, or copy it onto another surface, with little to no effort. Get perfectly measured and duplicated contours every single time!

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1. Smart Measuring Cup

mart Measuring Cup


Ever wish you had a measuring cup, thermometer and a scale, all in one? Well, you’re wish has finally come true! This amazing new invention combines all three of these kitchen essentials into one functional and very handy kitchen utensil! With the Smart Measuring Cup you can measure your ingredients in grams, milliliters, cups, ounces, and pounds, as well as determine the temperature of your ingredients! It’s perfect for those recipes that require liquids to be a certain temperature. The easy to read, digital screen always provides the exact measurements, which comes in particularly handy when you’re concerned about dieting or portion control. Simply press the mode button to convert to units. Measuring just got a whole lot easier with this unique measuring tool! Featuring an easy to read, LCD screen, built into the handle, for at-a-glance measurements, this smart cup automatically converts 5 preset ingredients; flour, sugar, milk, water, and oil from ounces (weight) to cups (volume). It also includes an auto tare/add function, a low battery warning and an auto-off function. At long last the perfect kitchen utensil that should’ve existed forever!

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This is our list of 26 new inventions that should’ve existed forever. Check out some of the trending, recent discoveries our customers are going crazy over right now.  Click Here

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