11 Things For Anyone Who Loves Luxury, But Is On A Budget

11 Things For Anyone Who Loves Luxury, But Is On A Budget

Do you know what you need? To treat yourself.
In this complex society, we regularly go through everyday tasks and challenges that put us to the test on a daily basis. Make 2020 the year to reward yourself with the luxury you righteously deserve.
Put down your lifetime savings though—self-love does not require gross amounts of money. If you love extravagance but you also enjoy not being broke, check the following 11 luxury items that won’t break your pockets.

11. USB Wooden Drink Warmer.

USB Wooden Drink Warmer

You get up in the morning, a warm cup of your preferred drink in your hand. You sit down to check the day’s news (or memes; we don’t judge) and get distracted by the latest cute dog video.
By the time you realize it’s too late—your drink is so cold it might start singing Let It Go.
Worry not—this clever device keeps your drink warm for you, all you need is to plug it and the magic is done.

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10. 12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet.

12 Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

As any decoration expert can attest, the right bouquet can add a touch of sophistication to any room and space.
Problem? Flowers have a dishearteningly short lifespan, so they need constant replacing. Solution? These exquisite artificial flowers.
Unlike regular artificial bouquets, these breathtaking beauties are highly realistic and virtually indistinguishable from real ones, except for their durability. Pick whatever color you prefer—you’ll realize they are the real deal. Metaphorically.

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9. Portable Makeup Lighting.

Portable Makeup Lighting

One of the most essential parts of feeling luxurious is looking luxurious—and you got that in the bag.
However, it’s never a bad idea to aid your natural charm, so do it properly with the right equipment—and lightning.
Indeed, the right light is quintessential for perfect makeup, and with this convenient set, you will always look your best—no cables, messy chords or high costs needed!

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8. Double Layer Reverse Umbrella.

When practicality, technology, and beautiful aesthetics merge, we get the single best product you can aspire—after all, it works and looks pretty while doing so, what’s not to love?
That’s exactly the feeling you get with these fashionable umbrellas.
Not only their sleek design makes them modern and appealing, but they also have a double layer that reinforces their waterproof qualities and minimizes dripping.

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7. Wooden Charging Dock.

Wooden Charging Dock

Let’s be real—regardless of how fancy your phone is, it is never at its most Instagram-worthy look while charging. In fact, that mess of cables and chords is probably the antithesis of luxury.

While this might seem like an inconsequential problem—wouldn’t you rather charge your iPhone and iWatch in a stylish device?

This 100% bamboo wood stand allows you to charge both devices at the same time—no cluttered messes included!

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6. Olive Tree Ring.

Olive Tree Ring

Jewelry has become a contest between expensive gemstones and who wears the most unaffordable metal. Thankfully, you don‘t have to invest thousands to get a piece of jewelry fit for the most affluent of tastes.
This delicate and intricate ring brings the best of nature’s beauty right to your hand, as it takes the shape of an olive tree that blooms around your finger.
Budget jewelry has never looked so elegant.

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5. Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator.

Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

Exploring the world has one glaring downside for most of us—sometimes we can barely understand each other in English, how are we going to communicate in another language at all?
Worry not—sophisticated language technology isn’t as expensive as you think.
This accessible gadget is a real-time speech translator—speak out loud and in 0.2 seconds you will hear your words echoed in one of over thirty available languages. Fancy? Of course. Cheap? You won’t believe the price!

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4. Cork Wine Bottle String Light.

Cork Wine Bottle String Light

Quirky, alternative decoration styles featuring fairy lights are incredibly popular—they add a touch of modern sophistication and warm comfort whenever they are set, despite their relative simplicity.
This whimsical light decoration is far more than that—fashionable, comfy, and cheap.
Shaped like a cork, this lovely set of lights give a new life to old wine bottles. Pick your favorite color, insert, and enjoy the subsequent cozy atmosphere.

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3. LED Artist Tracing Table.

LED Artist Tracing Table

Art is far more than something better left to the professionals—art is self-expression and a proven effective way to unwind and forget the day’s stressful events.
Make it even easier with this high-quality LED Tracing Table.
Pros, amateurs, enthusiasts and children alike will find joy in this wonderful artifact—it takes tracing to a whole different level. Light, sleek, durable, and high quality, you won’t remember how your artistic endeavors used to be before acquiring it.

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2. 3D Phone Magnifying Stand.

3D Phone Magnifying Stand

There’s no shame in admitting it—we are addicted to the videos our social media feeds us but at the cost of headaches and tired eyes. This is, in no small part, because of the relatively small screens and the subsequent strain in our eyes.
Worry not—we have a luxurious and delightfully cheap alternative: the 3D Phone Magnifying Stand. Turn your smartphone into a small TV at the price of nothing by setting it within the stand.
It’s cheap, accessible, high-quality, and, best of all, effective.

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1. Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch.

Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch

Torches are certain mood-makers.
The warm hue of the orange flames is cozy and inviting, and placing them strategically in certain spots at our outdoor areas can give a certain whimsical, magical vintage charm.
Except fire can be pretty dangerous.
But who needs real fire when you can have this delightfully accessible torch? This beautiful lantern is high-tech, composed of LED light stripes that mimic the patterns of a natural flame, but it doesn’t go out with a light downpour.
Isn’t technology amazing?

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