Bet You Didn’t Know About All These Different Types of Bags

types of bags

Whether it is for style, storage or for traveling; bags are a crucial part of our lives. There is an endless variety available everywhere but to be properly acquainted with the concept of bags, you have to be educated on all the different kinds there are. Here we have compiled a list of all the important and useful bags you could need:

Travel Bags – Bags For The Go

The first and most important kind of bag is the one that you take with you on your travels.

These kinds of bags are always important because they can easily hold your accessories for daily use.

Moreover, they come in different shapes and sizes, giving you a variety to choose from freely.

Makeup Bag – Perfect for Travelling Bodies

Makeup Bag – Perfect for Travelling Bodies

One of the most important bags any girl or makeup lover can keep on them at all times is a makeup bag. Everyone knows how expensive makeup can be and traveling is no breezy activity. If you pack your makeup collection in your normal suitcase there is a big possibility that your cosmetics leak, break or crack.

Having a designated makeup bag that keeps all your cosmetics in one place is a clever way of saving your investments. This travel makeup wrap bag can be used as a mini spread as well for when you have to quickly apply makeup on the go.

Simply loosen the drawstrings and stretch out the cloth to act as a small fabric platform. The fabric is machine washable meaning if any spills do occur, there’s no need to worry. Buy Now

Organize Your Tech Bag

Organize Your Tech Bag

Just as your makeup and cosmetics are important to keep safe during travel, so as your electronics. Why there isn’t a bag designated for your tech gadgets only? Well, there is!

This tech organizer bag is spacious with pockets in every nook and cranny for all your devices. From the smallest items like a charger or a power bank to laptops, hard drives and iPads there is space for everything and anything. Shop Now

Travel Bag for Your Boots

Travel Bag for Your Boots

Everyone who travels is well aware of the dilemma of packing which shoes. Undoubtedly you need more than one pair with you but you can’t risk getting your shoes all creased and squashed in the mess of your suitcase.

It is for this exact reason that the travel everyday boot bag was created to help keep your shoes (more specifically your boots and high neck footwear) safe. Boots have a tendency to fold over onto themselves and their material almost always gets ruined.

This bag puts an end to this struggle and is an affordable investment for a lifetime of keeping your boots in shape. 50% off

Useful and Portable Toiletries Travel Bag

Hang It Up Travel Bag

When it comes to traveling you should always have a separate bag for everything. In that way, you can keep track of your possessions and keep them all organized to avoid confusion and messiness.

Well, you have heard of a makeup, tech and boot bag! It is time for you to delve into this genius invention for toiletries. The hangup travel bag is a small yet adequately sized bag that comes with the cutest hook so it can be suspended from anywhere.

Measuring 12″ x 11″ x 3″, it has space for your toothbrush, deodorant, lotions, face wash, perfume and every small thing you can’t risk leaving in a huge suitcase. Its convenience lies in how you can hang it up practically anywhere and use its contents.

That saves you from the trouble of setting it down on the sink or holding it in one hand. Made from strong and durable polyester the bag when zipped up is secure and protects all your items. No need to worry about spills, or leakages. Click Here to Buy

Travel Bag Extension for Your Suitcase

Travel Bag Extension for Your Suitcase

Need more space in your suitcase…but there is literally no more space? Happens to the best of us!

But we can’t help having lots of luggage! This multipurpose travel bag solves your issues quite effortlessly. You could call it an attachment or completion of your suitcase. It is strapped on top of your suitcase with the help of Velcro fasteners.

It is not too big on the outside but is enough to be considered a carryon bag alongside your suitcase. This helps you to keep more luggage on you at all times and gives you extra storage space while really all you have to do is push one suitcase. Buy Now

Compressible Bags for Travel Purpose

Compressible Bags for Travel Purpose

When packing for your trips it always happens that you start running out of storage. That does not necessarily mean you need more bags or suitcases. But instead, it means that you should start being clever with the space you have at hand.

Clothes are bulky and they also trap air around and in them thus making them take up more space. A common problem that can be finished with these bags. These bags come with a vacuum compressor that you can use to seal your clothes tight in the bags.

You can choose whether you want small 15 x 20 inch bags or 20 x 28 inch bags. Shop Now

Tote Bags

Another type of bag that is a top favorite among many women is the famous tote bag. Tote bags are highly loved because of how practical and awesome they are. Their vast surface area helps in keeping everything a lady needs in one place.

You know what they say! A woman can never have enough purse space. Well, totes are a perfect way to give you more space and still keeping you looking stylish.

The All Purpose Tote Bag

The All Purpose Tote Bag

Exactly what its name depicts this carry all tote bag is HUGE. And super cute! With a whopping seven pockets inside alongside 3 others with secure zipper fastening, you can put your whole bedroom in this bag.

It is also a perfect pick for mommies as it comes with a removable, washable baby changing pad. No need to worry the bag is made from soft nylon material that your baby will absolutely love. The interior is waterproof and the whole bag is manufactured with premium metal infrastructure. Special 50% off

Bags Used For Cooking Food

A peculiar invention when you first hear about it, these kinds of bags are not stranger to the marketplace. In fact, many kitchen lovers and foodies like to use these bags to prepare their food as it is less messy, more convenient and great for showing off to your friends.

Wanna know how they are used? Check it out!

Reusable Nonstick Bag for Grilling your BBQ

Reusable Nonstick Bag for Grilling your BBQ

The reusable nonstick grilling bag looks like a stationary pouch from afar. It is made of strong mesh material and works with a snap closure. Basically, you pack in it whatever you want to cook and leave it on the grill.

Bags are an innovative and highly convenient way to cook your meats and veggies as they retain flavor, and tenderness while mixing in a bit of smoky taste. They can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Measuring 22 by 27 centimeters they can be reused as they are dishwasher safe. Shop Now

Organizer Bags

Quite similar to travel bags, organizing bags are but just a bit different. Instead of taking them with you on the go wherever you venture, they stay put in spot. They are used for storing many things from food to your clothes and important items in your car.

They are an innovative and creative addition to every house and place you decide to put them in. Check them out:

Organizer Bag with Stackable Feature

Organizer Bag with Stackable Feature

Ecofriendly and made from 100% bamboo, you get to save the environment and your belongings from dust, insects, and humidity.  This storage bag can have items stacked up in it like you are assorting them on a shelf.

There are 2 handles on either side for you to lift the bag up and relocate it or fetch it from anywhere. Available in 4 friendly colors they are bound to blend into your interior and make it look flawless.

The bags also feature a transparent compartment on the front so you can detect what the bag holds at a glance. Blankets, clothes, toys and other keepsakes at your house will find a safe environment inside this bag. 50% Discount offer

Reusable Food Bags for Storage

Reusable Food Storage Bags (FDA Approved Silicone)

One of the least enjoyable things about owning a kitchen is not knowing where and how to store your food. Leftovers and fresh food that you have made usually face a similar dilemma where you don’t know exactly what to do with it.

These reusable food bags made from FDA approved silicone is a huge help to the environment and you. They can be used to freeze, store, heat and even cooking your foods in these bags. They come in a set of 4 and are 100% dishwasher safe.

Go ahead and use them as much as you can; they will always be at your disposal. Get it here

Adorable Storage Bags for Laundry

Adorable Storage Bags for Laundry

It is time to throw your clothes in a hamper…nope! Hampers are such old news. You want to get yourself one of these undeniably adorable laundry bags that make a great addition everywhere. Whether you put them in the laundry room or in your bedroom, they’ll actually look like decoration.

It is all thanks to the adorable graphic design done on the front of the bags. Each bag is pretty spacious measuring 65 x 45 cm and can be secured tightly with the drawstrings on it. Shop Now

Reusable Bags for Organizing Your Trolley

Reusable Bags for Organizing Your Trolley

Going shopping? Why don’t you save yourself the trouble and organize your grocery while you are actually shopping?

Everyone always throws everything in a messy pile in their trolley then goes home and dies while sorting it out, but not you! These reusable and genius trolley bags are made to help you organize your shopping as you do it.

Made from recycled material and possessing the ability to withstand 40 pounds of weight they are color-coded. Now it is up to you to determine whether the red one is for wine and the green for natural produce. Buy Now

Pack of 10 Reusable Food Storage Bags

Pack of 10 Reusable Food Storage Bags

Another awesome way of storing your food and snacks, these bags bring a twist in their design and style. Not exactly jars but they look and stand upright just like them, these bags come in a pack of 10.

Some people use them for storing baby food and others for lunchtime snacks. The choice is yours, it doesn’t matter what you use them for; they are a pretty eye illusion worth every penny. Buy Now

Organize Your Car Seat Bag

Organize Your Car Seat Bag

Messy cars are a definite hell no! Who even likes to sit in a messy car? Although there are pullout drawers and compartments in your car, those aren’t enough.

You need to get yourself a car seat organizer bag. These awesome inventions strap on to the back of the car’s front seats and act as a perfect organizer. Place your sunnies, receipts, cards, phone, charger and small items in the bag so they can be at your disposal at all times. Get Special Discount offer

Pack of 6 Organizer Bags For the Perfect Suitcase

Pack of 6 Organizer Bags For the Perfect Suitcase

These are a perfect mix of organizing travel bags! They organize your suitcase for you as you are off to travel. Made from top quality nylon fabric, upon purchase you get 6 bags. Each one has its own use and place in your suitcase.

The purpose of these 6 bags is to make your suitcase look neat and feel more orderly. Available in 5 different shades to go with any suitcase you have, traveling never looked this neat. Shop Now

Classic All-Purpose Bags

As much as you have been hearing all about bags having different functions and separate uses, there are also bags that are all-purpose. You can use them wherever you want and however you want, and they can take it. A prime example is below:

Foldable Bags

A top favorite of lazy people and ones who just hate cleaning up, foldable bags are a dream. Basically, they are huge stretches of fabric that can be doubled up and packed away in no time.

Save Your Mess and Pack It Up Bag

no Mess Pack And Play

A top favorite of anyone who has kids or they themselves just love to play with lego pieces. The no-mess bag is exactly like its predecessor except that it is only for little munchkins who like to make a mess out of their building blocks.

Now you no longer have to suffer from stepping on a stray lego piece and experiencing hells’ worst pains. The pack it up bag gives your kid a platform and space to be as messy as they want and in the end, you can just pull the drawstrings and collect all their mess in no time.

No effort, no time-wasting and certainly no scoldings for your poor baby. Check it out

Bags for Mommies

Mommy’s life ain’t easy! It is a task and a super tricky one. But there are little treats and things along the way that make it so much easier to bear. Here are some of them.

Baby Stroller Bag for Mommies

Baby Stroller Bag for Mommies

Taking your kiddo out for a stroll? Don’t forget to strap on your baby bag to the stroller while you are on your way. Smart and compact in its shape, don’t let that fool you! The bag is pretty spacious and can hold a bunch of different things.

Baby wipes, a changing pad, spare diapers, a change of clothes and even your baby’s feeder can all find a place in this cool bag. It comes especially useful for those working moms who need to keep their bags clean and neat while still having all their baby’s essentials at hand’s reach. Shop Now

Handy Diaper Backpack for Mommies

Handy Diaper Backpack for Mommies

No one ever talks about how unstylish mom’s life is. You have to wear the baggiest clothes for comfort and constantly to worry about getting baby throw up on your clothes. So it might come across as a surprise when you find such a cute and stylish bag that is purely meant for baby purposes.

The 3 insulated pockets the bag features helps in keeping your baby’s food and milk at perfect temperature whenever needed. Apart from that, the inside pockets are spacious and huge allowing you to even keep a laptop in there.

And all that even is not the best thing about this bag. Instead of just being a mommy bag, the unisex design helps in giving daddies some of the fun too. The handles on the bag give you the opportunity to either sling it on your stroller or shoulder! Both work just fine! Check it out

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