There Are A Million Different Ways To Say I Love You…

There Are A Million Different Ways To Say I Love You

Love is an intangible feeling that a heart beholds silently and seldom expressed openly. Some people are shy enough to be open about their feelings, and others are too busy in the “random busyness” that they actually forget to express their spouse, parents or even kids the love and compassion they have for them.

Occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, or Father’s day help you to rejuvenate the feelings and to recall the memories you made together.

Some phrases are used more often, which are an indirect interpretation of affection and care, and help those who are blushed to say “I Love You,” like:

“Put your seat belt on.”

“Watch your step.”

“Did you eat?”

“Get some rest”

There are many other ways too. For instance, the best friend’s way of saying “love you” be like, “Are you alive?” Lol. But sending love verbally is normal, but real attachments need actions. As it is quoted:

“Actions speak louder than words.” – Anonymous

Sometimes, it becomes imperative to “show” love not by words but by the use of gestures or practical implementations. The caring plus “hands-on” gestures are necessarily welcoming for those who eagerly want to know about how much you are emotionally attached to them.

Gifting is an action that plays a vital role in representing love, affection, and compassion. Get charming yet useful presents for the people whose existence matters a lot to you.

Here are some tools to cherish your love:

Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper and Grater

Mothers love cooking and trying out different things for their children. Also, they adore using unique and trendy kitchen utensils while cooking something very healthy for their kids. Get a Mandoline Slicer Cutter Chopper and Grater for them, so they enjoy making salads or anything.

The Mandoline Slicer is an all-rounder; it comes with four interchangeable blades, and 8 different styles of food can be made using this. Just pick the vegetable and grade it as desired. Moreover, mothers’ concerns about their child’s eating schedule will vanish when the kids eat the “yummy-looked” dishes you made. Also, it delights them as it comes in various colors. How fascinating!

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Power Knee Stabilizer Pads

Usually, the grandparents find it difficult to walk on their feet properly because of knee-joints problems. Instead of saying them to “watch their steps,”(although you are saying it out of love) gift them tools like Power Knee Stabilizer Pads that will help them to walk correctly. Let them feel special and independent.

Your granny would have to wrap the stabilizer pad around the knee with the logo at the back and faced-up. Make sure; the pads are not tightened up enough that they cause pain in legs. Also, these pads can be worn from inside or outside the clothes. Walk a Mile now!

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Rollerball Massager for Neck & Back Pain

Your work-mate is stressed out due to the long sitting hours in the office and needs some rest. Get Rollerball Massager for them and tell that you care for them. It’s an alternative gesture for the oral phrase “Get some rest” and, eventually, helps more.

The work-friend can massage his neck, shoulders, etc. while sitting in the office even, due to the portability of the massager. It will help to reduce body aches and increase blood circulation. Your friend will get relaxation after just 5 minutes of treatment. A savior!

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Seat Belt Extender

Seat Belt Extender

Being asked to fasten seat belts is a wordy expression. However, it’s a gesture of love and care, to assure that “the person matters.” Adding a gift related to the car can be cherry on the cake. Get a Seat Belt Extender for the love of your life, so every time he sits in the car, he reminds you.

The extender will help your partner to buckle up the seat belt easily in case he finds it challenging to do the chore because of the extended belly. It is, indeed, a great innovation that helps obese people to fasten the seat-belt. Also, the seat belt extender is sleek in design and look smart when it matches up with the car’s interior. Your love would appreciate having one. Buckle up and go!

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