Quit Buying $2500 Dogs from Pet Stores When There are $60 Dogs in Shelters that Need Homes

Quit Buying $2500 Dogs from Pet Stores When There are $60 Dogs in Shelters that Need Homes

Planning the arrival of your dog is one of the most exciting experiences one can have in life. Not only are they loyal and great companions. They are also great for your health! Studies have shown that dogs help lower your anxiety and blood pressure. Bringing a dog home is a great way to bring joy and excitement into your family.

Now once you have decided to bring your little friend home, here is what you need to do step by step.

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Pooper Scooper

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Make some house rules for them – train them not to sit on the couch.

Make them feel at home because they mightn’t have that opportunity since now.

Gather essential dog items such as these:

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  1. I don’t know in other states but in Phoenix shelter dogs are up to 600. I’ve been looking for some time now. I think that they have made a business out of saving animals. So sad. I just want a companion but 4-5-6 hundred for a stray that you know nothing about just doesn’t seem practical to me.

    • Deb McMullin don’t know about other states but in Ohio you can easily get a rescue dog for $150 to $300 easy rescued one about 3 years ago for $250 they brought it to us to check out our place and even left the crate they brought it in. Just rescued one about a month ago cost us little over $200 after we were done that was whither tags and leash/ dog collar and micro chipped.

        • If you are looking at it as “buying a dog” you shouldn’t be allowed to own one. The rescues are making sure the unwanted dogs are going to a loving forever home. Most of the time they are spayed or neutered and up to date on shots when you adopt them (which is not a small price tag In itself) Not to a person that just cares about having a purebred. And yes…my first dog was a purebred that I loved dearly for all 12 years of his beautiful life. My 2nd is a beautiful rescue terrier/lab mix that has the sweetest little soul. It’s not about what they look like. It’s about having them as part of your forever family.

        • Sounds like you don’t have a heart for dogs. Maybe you shouldn’t be a dog “owner” of your viewing them as property or an investment. The return investment of getting a dog is unconditional love, plan and simple.

    • So 2500 for a puppy mill dog that you also have no history on seems like a good idea? Have you ever considered how much money it takes to rescue a dog and have it completely vetted. Where I live it can be done for 150 to 250 if you know ppl (small town where everything cost less then phoenix im sure) but that only includes vetting not the time and money that goes into driving to get the dog, buying its food, getting to know it and going thru apps to find a good home. If you’re dealing with a good rescue i guarentee they know that dog way better than a pet store employee knows the dogs they sell.

    • I hear that Deb !!! Most of my pets have come from the veterinarian clinic I use because the owners were no longer able to care for them….I live in North Dakota. I also noticed that some of the rescue sites that “foster” animals have lofty expectations and if they are purebreds the price is almost what you’d pay a licensed breeder.

      • Billings, MT shelters do not charge more for one dog or another. Adopting families are assessed to assure a good home for the animal based on the animal’s personality. For example: one who needs tons of exercise has different needs from a strictly indoor companion.

    • Check other states. I’m in NC. We have lots of shelter dogs that need their forever home. Usually $80 to adopt. Our county, Rowan County, has lots of adoption fairs with animals being 80% off their adoption fee. Lots of times, transportation can be arranged. Facebook has Rowan County Animal Shelter listing numerous homeless animals.

    • Asking 3-6 hundred dollars for a shelter dog is moron putting in a light bulb. These pets need living homes. Not about people padding their pocket books and that’s what is sounds like!! They should be ashamed!’n But, people like this have no conscious at all !!!!

      • Do you have any idea the money that goes into a rescue dog? Rescue dogs come fully vaccinated, fixed, microchipped and sometimes they even have basic training! Not to mention a transport from whatever southern state they were abused and dropped on the side of the road in. Rescues make PENNIES!!!! Do your research! Wanna know where BRED dogs come from just Google PUPPY MILL because they are making tons of money and NONE of their dogs are treated as kindly as one that goes through rescue and foster care! The breeding dogs have litter upon litter in horrible conditions and NONE of the dogs get regular or ANY get treatment. It’s a business for them just like raising chickens!

        • Which is why people should take care to find REPUTABLE breeders rather than pet stores. The puppies from there should also come microshipped and fully vaccinated, and (unlike shelter dogs or puppy mill dogs) have a known background in regards to health and mentality, through the pedigree and so on. The Adopt, donät shop-sect seem to frequently forget that there are people who genuinely care about a breed, practices preservation breeding and do their outmost to ensure that the dogs they breed go to good homes and with a traceable background history, and if the family can’t keep it for some reason the breeder most often buy it back or at least assists in finding a good home- Which is why you practically never see responsibly bred dogs in shelters. The Adopt, don’t shop-sect should really take care to sit down and actually TALK to reputable breeders before they go off thinking they know what breeding purebred dogs actually entails.

        • I have had only rescue animals for my whole life; I’m now 65. I agree shelters need to make up for the $ invested in efforts to save and adopt out so many dogs. But some potential loving owners would have great difficulty with a high fee. My latest rescue is a pit bull from a “breeder” who got rid of her following a second litter emergency c-section, where she lost 9 pups.

          She went from one shelter to another, avoiding an inevitable kill situation. I was able to give a reasonable donation to the “last chance” shelter. Being on Social Security, $500-$600 would have been impossible. The over abundance of pit and pit mixes (my last was also a pit, a mix) is a heartbreaking situation. I actually would love to adopt another dog to be a companion to us and especially to our dog Indy. Unfortunately more vet bills would be beyond us. We are on an insurance plan for her which helps tremendously.

          By the way- our pit is a wonderful and loving pet, as was our last pit mix. We got Indy from Remember Me in Middle Island, NY; our last from Save a Pet in Port Jefferson Station.

        • There is a difference between puppy mills and responsible breeders… most breeders show their dogs and they are like family to them, live a much better life than shelter dogs

    • I don’t think a shelter dog would be $600. No city shelter would charge that. A rescue group might but still questionable. If a rescue did charge that much more than likely it would a purebred dog & all the vet care would be completed. Look at & see what u can find in your area.

      • Yes, here in Oregon at the Humane Society the dogs are 400 to 600 dollars. The Humane Society gets plenty of money from wealthy patrons and state funds.

      • Seattle (Puget Sound) area dogs are $300 and up at the shelter depending how popular the breed is and how small it is and $800 to $1,400 at various rescues.

        None of thess prices are due to excessive veterinarian fees it’s just the cost of buying a dog from these places.

        I love it when shelters get a bonanza when a puppy mill shuts down.

        Florida just had this happen, the shelter gave away free all the less desirable dogs at the shelter no cost to make room for 320 small cute mixed breeds a their puppies at MUCH higher prices than they normally charge.

        All of it is retail rescue.

    • Hello!! I travel too much for work so can’t have a dog of my own. I would love to foster a dog in Phoenix. Do you know where to do this?

    • It is the same in Wisconson. Not only that but you can and will be rejected for not having a fully fenced in yard, having children under twelve, working full time and many other reasons so sadly they are pushing people towards shopping for a pet bc so many applications are rejected for reasons that are ridiculous.

    • Do you know how much it costs to take care of that animal? It could come in sick, need vaccines, does that include spay and neuter? Owning a pet is like having a child. I completely understand them charging that much. The overhead costs for running a facility are crazy. And every year everyone still raises their prices. IJS

    • This breaks my heart. Here in Houston there are 20+ dogs every single day that are scheduled to be killed. Adoption is less than $50 and a lot of times they even waive the fee just to help these dogs get into a home. I foster through the city shelter to save them from the kill list but I wish we had more people that cared in this city. There is a 1.5 hour intake line sometimes for people ditching their dogs or bringing in strays 🙁

  2. Everytime I tried and get a dog from a rescue they want 2-$300 or more. Me and my husband had our local SPCA come get 2 strays I kept overnight ( it was 2 a.m.) and they took the dogs the next day after I called the Sheriff’s Dept telling them their phone has been busy all night. Can they help. The SPCA forgot the only collar they had on. The accused me of being shady and did I take these dogs? These dogs nails were overgrown, hair all matted and loaded with ticks. I gave them both baths. One pooped on my keyboard. Oh I thought I was doing good. They had me bring the collar up there. I asked why are all the pits outside? What is their protocol with these 2 dogs we found? They chased us off the property and threatened to have us arrested!!! I have NEVER had a good experience there and here it is 25-30 years later and it seems they have chosen to stay the same.
    I would never go to lmy ocal ASPCA here in N.Y.!!!!
    Apparently we asked “too many’questions”?
    You tell me rescue sounds the way to go or a family whose dog had pups because it wasn’t fixed but they intend on no more. Those I’d pay for but ASPCA…. NO WAY! I can only imagine the way they treat the animals. I heard they get paid more to euthanize them than it costs to feed and clean up after from a few people I’ve met that work( ed) there…..

    • Hi Jodi, Where in NY are you? On LI our town shelters are inexpensive but bc of the over population of pups some of them do euthanize if the dog hadn’t been placed within a month. It’s so sad.

  3. If you have on only a three sided fence you will be denied an adoption of a pet. I have tried to rescue a small dog

    • Just curious why you think a three- sided fenced yard would be safe for a dog. The fence is not only to keep your dog in but to also keep other animals out.

      • Attached to house on left (side 1), across the back (side 2), back to house and attached on right (side 3). Where should another side be?

    • Yes there are in fact they do “Clear the shelters” many times a year. And hey guess what even if it is 300 that money covers all kinds of things like shots spay and neuter and people working 24/7 taking care of them. If you cant afford the fee perhaps having a pet isnt a good idea. They arent a pay a fee and never do anything else. Yearly vet visits food supplies ect. I mean seriously if its even a question mayne its not for you

    • You need to do some research. There are humane societies and rescues that ask for $60. If you are looking for a specific breed go to that breed rescue group. I have had 5 dogs that way and also from a rescue group. They aren’t free. It’s costs money to house these dogs and their shots and spay or neuter. Most people volunteer their time at these places. The ones that get paid don’t get paid that much. If you can’t afford the adoption fee you can’t afford a lifetime commitment to this pet. It’s about giving a shelter animal a second chance at life. If that’s not what you want. If it’s more about the money you shouldn’t get a pet.

      • I found most places do not adopt out of their own state…I have been looking for a year now. There is no such thing as a 60 dollar dog these days.
        Anywhere from 350 to 600 with no backround. They want too find homes for these poor dogs but won’t let u adopt if U do not live in their state..that is so crazy.

      • In Oklahoma the shelters are very reasonable plus there are several low cost spay/neuter vets more concerned with finding good homes then charging so much especially since there are so many beautiful animals needing forever homes!!

    • Here they are $100 for males and $150 for females you only pay for the spay or nutter the housing and feeding them is payed by our city taxes. It’s an Additional $100 of you want them chipped. If you get one that is on death row it is even cheaper.

    • I can go to local rescue and get any dog for $60. Even cheaper during their local events. So don’t say NO SUCH THING!!!! I’m in NC, when in FL it was $80 for dogs.

  4. If you want a dog and expect it to be less then 400, I’d deny you too….These nonprofit organizations raise money in order to vaccinate, deworm, spay/ neuter every animal before fostering or adopting out… If you can’t afford adoption fees then u can’t afford a dog, let alone get them vacinated on your own which would cost u alot more than 400.00

  5. I’m interested in a Field Spaniels…I want a puppy, I want the puppy to grow into our home as a family member so I’m pretty set on a young dog…Thank you for your time on this…

    • I’m not sure they take orders for purebred type rescue pets but you never know. Check with your local AKC breed club to ask if they have a rescue group associated with their breed, or lookup the national breed club for the breed you are interested in a s ask about rescue.

      . Go to and you can find the information there

  6. I don’t know what you are talking about, but it’s never cost me 400 to get my dogs shots. Most reputable vets have shot clinics and it is less then 50 bucks. Depends on the number of shots they need.
    I also tried to get a shelter dog. $150 and up. I think the humane society is inhumane. Most people can’t afford that and shots and neuter or spay brings it up to $300 or more. Animals make peoples lives better. Maybe they should think about that. And by the way, most people can afford a pet if they don’t have to climb over a brick wall to get one. You’d be surprised.

    • Hello I live in Pennsylvania most I have read on hear is true these shelters should go by income to adopt a dog there are to many fur baby’s that need a careing loveing home. I have been looking for a small dog for 6 months now to adopt the adoption fee is way to high I’m a 68 year old lady looking for a small dog I live in a apparpment and can’t have a bigger dog the shelters only have bigger dogs that need a forever home my heart hurts for them. The shelters save the smaller dog’s and charge way to much for adoption I can afford to take care of a fur baby but to come up with ,300.00 is a challenge thank you all for your storys

  7. Quit buying from pet stores, period. They only buy from puppy mills and backyard breeders. Not even close to being well-bred.

  8. Well, first of all I noticed that the pics about were of purebred dogs, yet you want us to buy backyard bred dogs.
    Where I live pound dogs cost hundreds of dollars with no guarantees.

  9. Liz so you can’t afford 300 to adopt then what if you dog breaks his leg? How r u gonna afford that?? Let me guess call around to see if one of the vets will do a payment plan untul you realize none of them will then ull blame it on them bc they wont treat a dog you can’t pay for. You shouldn’t have a dog. Even if they make ppls lives better it shouldn’t be at their expense!!!

  10. Ppl like you are why we have such an over population and rescues/shelters have to euth!!! You get dogs from pup mills and backyard breeders/familys dog had pups and thats what keeps the cycle going!!

    • I’m not sure they take orders for purebred type rescue pets but you never know. Check with your local AKC breed club to ask if they have a rescue group associated with their breed, or lookup the national breed club for the breed you are interested in a s ask about rescue.

      . Go to and you can find the information there

    • If you are looking for a certain breed, contact your local breed club by typing in than breed you want and your local city and see if anything comes up if it doesn’t work try and state, or national breed club.
      They often have rescues and mixes of your favored breed.

  11. I do not know where you live but the shelter here in town charge to start, $400.00 up. I am a senior and I live alone. I have always had dogs but now am on a fixed income I can’t even afford a $400.00 dog never mind the designer dogs for $2500. I can’t get around very good as I have a disability but I would love to have a small adult dog to keep me company. I have a small fenced in front yard, loads of love for a fur friend but the Universe doesn’t seem to be bringing this to me. When the time is right, I will get a fur friend.

  12. Our local shelters here in Lane County Oregon have a sliding fee structure based on age. Puppies are about $150 to $250. Senior dogs can be as low as $60. Additionally, there are discounts for seniors and disabled. That means my mother adopted her dog Claire for $25. That included spaying, a microchip, collar, current shots, and a free visit to the vet. The overall package actually makes adopting a puppy cheaper than getting a free puppy via Craig’s List. Puppy mills are set up in a way to create both physically and psychologically unhealthy dogs. Breeders whether or not “backyard” should be researched to before considering buying them. I haven’t seen puppies in pet store in years. The closest I’ve seen is ads for hunting and ranching puppies on the bulletin board outside our local feed store.

    • Well in the Chicago area there are plenty of pet stores full of designer puppies for sale. Happiness is Pets and Petland are just a couple chain pet shops that have a wide selection of very expensive puppies as well as various other animals like bunnies and kittens. There are definitely plenty of places with pet shops that sell puppies.

  13. Texas,Baytown
    Or drive to the Country free pups all the time. My pug terrier came a baytown shelter he was already fixed and the best dog we love him so much.
    And my little female jack russell she was a free pup now shes going on 4yrs as also cody is 9 and they are wonderful watch dogs.
    Gosh even pure breeds are cheaper here.

  14. I have owned dogs my whole life. The last dog I got was from a couple that was getting rid of rocky because he wasn’t a pit bull like they thought. It was a quick connection with him and me. Very easy to train and house break. He went everywhere with me, we were inseparable. He would let me know if it was past bedtime. He was so gentle and not one for running around wildly. I believe little children was his passion, he would ignore whatever he was doing when a small child came to his attention and walk over to greet them. He also loved other dogs. He was $120 from the SPCA. I would pay millions to have him back.

  15. Shelter dogs would be adopted more frequently if the adoption people didn’t treat you like a criminal or a threat to national security to adopt one. Any time I have been involved with trying to adopt an animal you have to go through a background check like you need a security clearance. There are a lot of people willing to adopt animals but don’t want their privacy assaulted to do it.

  16. All my animals have always been rescues, but in my opinion all dogs need a responsible and loving home regardless of the price. Whether someone pays nothing or they pay thousands for their pet makes no difference. It’s the people who should be chosen rather than the dog/cat. Some of these that cost $2500 are in greater need of rescue due to the conditions these backyard breeders keep them in. So quit judging the price.

  17. I paid around $150ish for my rescue a few years ago, but she was neutered and micro chipped. She is an amazing dog and such a wonderful addition to our family.

  18. I don’t qualify for a shelter dog. I have never surrendered a dog. Never bred them. Never have more than one dog at a time. Never had a dog that did not pass away in my home. Never left a dog outside unattended. Never chained a dog in my back yard. I own my house. I am retired. Have no criminal record. Have never been accused of abusing an animal. BUT do not have a fenced yard. Don’t need one. I spend a few days teaching my dog the boundaries and never let them out unattended. My last dog recently passed from cancer. Had her 10 years. It seems shelters like to have dogs adopted by idiots living in rentals so they can be “rehomed” in a few months because owner’s new apartment does not allow dogs. I will be buying my next dog from a breeder just like my last 4 dogs.That is my only choice.

  19. I have found Rescues can be almost impossible to adopt from. People that rescue are a blessing, but some of them become overly jaded and want to hold adopters to near impossible standards before they’ll give them a dog. I’m a vet tech, and yet rescues around my home denied us for various reason. We “only” had a 4 foot fence instead of a privacy fence. We had children under 12. We were away from home “too many hours” due to work.

    We ended up going to our county shelter and getting a lovely little dog for less than $150 and we emptied up a space for another dog to have a chance. Everybody wants to complain about shelters euthanizinghealthy dogs due to space concerns… but nobody wants to go adopt a dog from them to ease up on the overcrowding so that they don’t HAVE to.

    Go to your county shelter, save a life that really needs it.

  20. 2500 for a pet store dog? No-that’s retail rescue prices-especially on all those imports from China that are “meat dogs”. (You do realize they are breeding purebreds in Chinese puppy mills to make money off us gullible Americans right??). If I’m going to pay 2500 for a dog I’m going to get it from an ethical breeder who does all the genetic testing, only breeds maybe twice a year and makes me sign a contract stating I will spay/neuter my pet and if anything happens to me during the entire life of the dog-the breeder will take the dog back, regardless of the situation. REAL ethical breeders do that. These low life breeders cranking out dogs left and right don’t. If you want to rescue then great! However you shouldn’t be paying over 250 for a dog-especially from a breed rescue. Otherwise-the shelter/rescue is “retail” and flipping their dogs!! Buyer beware!

  21. That’s where my Buddy came from. I’m thinking seriously of getting another from the shelter with the passing of our beloved collie, Copper, recently.⁸

  22. I WISH shelter dogs were $60. Heck, I wish they were $200. Here even senior dogs run over $300 to adopt. Its a shame because I know so many people that would love to adopt but can’t pay the fees.

  23. Dogs in MA shelters are a lot more than $60.00. You can’t get a dog for less than 4-5 hundred dollars and cats are almost as bad.

  24. There isn’t a dog shelter in Illinois that only charges 60 bucks. I found a smaller dog and they wanted 175 bucks.

  25. We only have cats but they all 4 are Rescues. The last one only cost us $2.00. They had a weekend special for 55 and older new owners. When I when got a last one, I asked to see the oldest cat they had. She was 11 and not friendly to anyone. The fur Baby we finally took home is 7 year old female. Awesome pet. This is Williamson county Texas. As for cost a dog,it’s only 75.00. They are up to date on all shots and get a free follow up dr visit.

  26. Some people should stay out of the affairs of others. If you want to buy a shelter dog — and that’s exactly what you’re doing, you’re not ‘adopting,’ – go right ahead. You might get the dog you want and yes, you might just save a life. On the other side, you’re not going to have the slightest idea as to what kind of temperament this dog will have or the truth as to why it was given up in the first place. There is not going to be any guarantee on the size of that cute puppy as an adult.
    If you buy from a breeder, and I don’t mean one of those get-rich-quick types, but a caring AKC or CKC breeder, you not only get a well bred, healthy puppy, you get all of the breeder’s knowledge and support along with it. If you want a Dalmatian, you’ll get a Dalmatian, not a maybe-it’s-a-Dal-because-it-has-a-few-spots enigma. You’ll often get to meet the puppy’s Mom and if you’re lucky its Dad as well. You’ll see the temperament in action that your pup will probably have. It’s not a caring purebred breeder’s dogs that you’ll find in a shelter. They are welcomed home with open arms!
    It’s your choice. Shelter dog or purebred dog, you must make the decision on what you want. There are perks to both, but I tend to lean towards the breeder. When you make your own choice, don’t let the animal rights groups bully you.
    After all, without breeders there would be no pure bred dogs. And without shelters there would be no place for all those backyard whoopsies and adult rejects to go. Both choices serve a function. Make your own choice wisely.

  27. Animal Rescue Groups will charge hundreds of dollars and put you through a rigorous application. What really upsets me is the rescue groups will “tag” puppies, pure breeds, Aat the city animal shelters, and then turn around and basically sell them for $450 and up. I’ve been wondering when a news show will investigate them. City animal shelters like the one hear in Dallas routinely offer free, or extremely low cost adoptions.

  28. The cost to spay/neuter, shots, rehabilitate , worm, repair broken down dogs is a lot. People that thing 300, 400, 500 is too much cannot afford a pet. The time and costs involved in running a rescue is much much more than this and that doesn’t include the volunteer hours that go into it. People need to wake up and realize that these animals get a real chance when they go to a rescue because most of them vet the families to whom they go.

    • I can go to the Dallas Animal Shelter right now and adopt a dog for $5. It includes the spay or neuter, all shots, microchip and the volunteers ( I am one!) teach them basic commands. We even have volunteers who run and they come in to take the dogs on runs and walks everyday.

      The local rescues will catch a dog or cat and then ask anyone who will offer if they will foster the dog until it gets adopted. Meanwhile people are donating money towards the dog, and the foster home never gets a dollar. The rescues keep the money on a dog they caught on the street, and unknowing foster volunteers to all of the hard work. That’s crap about “vetting” potential adopters. It’s nothing but bending over backwards on an application that has no limits to what they will ask of you. Yeah. Yeah, It’s so they can protect the dogs from potentially bad people. The rescue will pass judgement on you based on
      their opinion. There is no oversight committee, no regulation, just lots of money changing hands and people passing judgement.

  29. In Canada, adoption fee is $350. Which includes spay/neuter, vaccines, rabies, micro chip and guarantee vet health check. If a person was to cover the costs after adoption, they would be looking at over $500.00. It costs $80 to just step into a vet exam room. Thank goodness vets give reputable rescues a discounted rate. We charge to same for prebreds as mutts.

  30. We adopted our dog for $85 about 8 years ago. Now it’s about $100. When the shelter is full they sometimes only charge $40 or less. Our dog is a Shepherd Lab Mix and was only about 6 months old when we got him.

  31. Unfortunately many shelters are getting WAY to picky as to who they allow to adopt their pets. I understand that they have to make sure they are going to a good home and would want any shelter to do that. However I have heard of people being turned down because they had no fence ( for a dog that was around 5 pounds ), a renter denied because they rented from a family member that wrote a letter and later went to shelter to verify that it was ok that the people got the dog, people turned down because they worked ( not long hours ) and more ridiculous reasons why they wouldn’t let a dog be adopted. So sad as everyone that I know personally that were turned down would have given these poor dogs wonderful forever homes

  32. I can go to local rescue and get any dog for $60. Even cheaper during their local events. So don’t say NO SUCH THING!!!! I’m in NC, when in FL it was $80 for dogs.

  33. I have tried to adopt but it cost $200-$300 and you have to have a ton of vet history!! We tried a couple years ago but was told no because we didn’t have enough vet history!!

  34. I got my first rescue approx. 13 yrs. ago. It makes you feel wonderful to give an unwanted animal a loving home. My “Blue” just had his 13th birthday!❤

  35. I live in PA and my most recent rescue was a puppy from BVSPCA and was 500.00 dollars. My son Rescued a dog from Texas at the BVSPCA and they go by weight also and since she was emaciated she too was 500.00 dollars. I believe in adopting and not Shopping but their were puppies for sale in my area for 300 and under and unfortunately not everyone can afford the 500.00 dollars. The BVSPCA does an amazing job and I cant say enough great things about them.

  36. Our shelter dogs cost around $60, still, I believe. I know it’s not in the hundreds. I believe it’s always better to rescue, unless you have bad allergies, and have searched long and hard for a rescue, with no results.i also agree that the back her cities and organizations often charge too much, though. They are supposed to be RESCUING animals, not making big profits. What if the animal has been in the shelter a very long time? Hopefully they reduce the adoption price instead of putting the animal down.

  37. $40 adoption fee at the Monroe, GA Animal Control shelter, and sometimes less than that. There is no excuse. Adopt, don’t shop.

  38. Please remember there are many breeders who have excellent stock. Their puppies are healthy and usually come from a loving caring environment
    If I wish another fur child she will not be from a rescue. I would not touch one. Too many are sent to the shelters for some reason
    Please stop bashing good breeders
    There are many out there just get online

  39. The fact that we still have breeders and people buying these animals this is just shameful. With SO MANY animals in shelters there is absolutely no excuse for this.

  40. I want to know if they have akc breed chiuliua dog I wanna know how much not over 1,000 less of it I m deaf need a dog protect me

  41. In Canada the minimum fee for adoption that I have seen is 500 dollars. Then you need a fenced in yard, a vet, a trainer and a behaviour specialist lined up. You like dog parks. Too bad for you. You crate your dog? Too bad. You don’t crate your dog? Too bad. The contradictions between rescues is insane…. I recently filled out an application that required me to have 3.yes three trainers on hand just in case…. It’s easier to buy a puppy from a mill. Just saying….

  42. We have adopted many dogs from shelters. I firmly believe that you can’t find a more loving dog anywhere else. They appreciate being saved!!! And it shows!
    We have paid $120 which includes spay/neuter and microchip. If it is a puppy, they receive their first shots as well.
    Our shelter now allows military veterans to adopt for free so we have continued to adopt from this shelter and since we don’t have to pay for adoption, we donate to the shelter what it would have cost for adoption!

  43. I adopted my baby in July from local shelter. I paid $100 small price to pay for all vaccines & microchipped & consultation with trainer! Adopt don’t shop ?

  44. So we got our second dog for free from the dog training place which we used for our first dog. The owner used the board and train service and then decided she didn’t want her. We were looking for a second dog for our home and the trainers told us about her. She was already trained and free! Just a thought you may be able to check out board and train places near you because they generally just want to find good homes for the dogs or can give you a discount on training . Good luck!

  45. So some pets should be purchased and some not because they cost more, and in my area pets from shelters are just as much. Why don’t we just let everyone choose what they want. Stop trying to tell others what to do. I don’t get it.

  46. For those of you who are saying that there are not inexpensive shelter dogs you are wrong. If you live or have any connections to the state of TX you can get a shelter dog anywhere from $25-100. Frequently, our shelters fill up and they will have a sale so they do not have to euthanize. We got our adorable dauschand/corgi mix at a shelter in the Dallas area for $25. She was spayed, vaccinated and chipped…we love her just as much as our $1000 Great Dane!

  47. One of the requirements I’ve run into with some of these rescue organizations is that they insist on a fenced yard. I have 6 acres of land, I don’t need to fence my yard.

  48. A Chihuahua won’t be a decent protection dog. If you’re deaf, you might qualify for a ‘hearing ear’ dog, especially trained to help deaf people. Speak to your veterinarian and they might be able to direct you to a group who does this.

  49. I’m sorry to say this, but if you are too stuck for money to buy the dog, perhaps you should reconsider your choice of pet. Dogs will need food, vet care, toys, leashes, perhaps medication and care for up to twenty years in some breeds. This includes mixed breed individuals. No pet is “free.”
    You might consider a smaller investment pet say a hamster, guinea pig, fish or the like.
    I’m an ex-dog breeder. Over ten or more years I bred four litters of my dear breed. I had a hard time parting with puppies because no home seemed good enough for them, but sell a few I did. My pups were home raised, fully vetted, fed the best food and loved to distraction. Potential buyers were fully screened and investigated. My pups were purebred and had champion parents.
    The amount of time and money one must invest to do this — to raise, show and live with a dog is ridiculous, but fanciers like me do it for the love of our breed. I still have five dogs whom I am devoted to. I have been in my chosen breed for forty seven years. It’s still a labor of love.
    Often dogs wind up in shelters because they are found to be too costly to keep or they prove to be unsuited to the household for one reason or another. Dogs chose us to walk life’s path with. They deserve so much more than we have given them in return.

  50. A dog doesn’t know or care how much it cost. A $2500 dog wants the same things in life as a $60 dog. Sure, buying fewer pure-breed dogs keeps demand and therefore supply down. So will spaying and neutering strays. No one should be judged because they want specific qualities of a pure-bred instead of a mix.

  51. I hate seeing adopt don’t shop it’s pretty lame all dogs deserve a home. They BOTH get sent to a kill shelter!! My dog Artemis was about to be sent from petland to the kill shelter the cutoff is between 5-7 months if no one buys them.They either send them back to the breeder and they bread the hell out of them then kill them or they flat out send them to the kill shelter. The boy dogs aren’t always so lucky! People really don’t understand this!

  52. Come to Tucson. PACC has hundreds of dogs. Usually $60.00 but wave their fees on a regular basis. They are spade or neutered and up to date on shots. If they have any medical problems they are taken care of before adoption. I have had 8 rescue dogs over my 65 years. Each one was such a joy. Have 2 now. And I disagree with on letting them on the couch. My four legged kids sit anywhere and sleep with me. From 15pds to 85pds. My friend bought a designer dog 2 yrs ago for $2000.00. She has since put over $15000.00 in medical procedures. She loves her so much but that’s what you risk when you do all that breeding to form a perfect dog. Get a shelter dog!!! They will give you more love and companionship than you could imagine.

  53. I work for the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, FL. We adopt dogs for $35 and $70 depending on the age and breed. We adopt puppies for $300.00. We adopt cats for $50 except right now, they are no cost to a loving home. All animals have been spay/neutered ($300 at a vet), have a microchip ($40 at a vet) and up to date on vaccinations ($100 to $200 at a vet). All animals come with a free vet visit and exam. In the month of February, all dogs 1-year a older are 50% off their adoption fee. (That’s only $17.50 for quite a few dogs.)

    We are an open admission shelter which means we do not turn away any animal. We meet the qualifications for being recognized as a no-kill shelter for dogs while being an open admission shelter, which is very difficult to accomplish. We only euthanize animals that are terminally ill or are so aggressive that they are a danger to society and others. To be considered no-kill a shelter must have a 90% live release rate or higher, which we do.

    We beg of you to give a shelter animal a chance for a loving and forever home. I have 3 rescues myself and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are happy and so loyal. Please, adopt don’t shop. Thank you for your kindness.

  54. It sounds like you may be talking about a rescue facility. There is an excellent one in Texas I know of. And yes they ask about 300.00 per dog. You have to apply to adopt and supply references, they look long and hard at you before they will place a dog with you. If they don’t, the will get back to you and explain why the placement was not made. They rescue dogs from puppy mill auctions and local shelters in Texas. They pay to rehabilitate the dogs medically and physically. If the dog has on going medical issues, they help pay for that. They follow all the dogs they have placed and take them back no questions asked if the person decides not to keep them. I totally love this place. It is a very hard thing to undertake.

  55. Wow, bunch of uncaring people who really don’t care
    to help anyone but themselves. Will buy dogs from puppy
    Mills instead of saving one helpless animal.
    This is whats wrong in our country! It’s all about ME

  56. The last dog I rescued cost $350.00, so where is it for $60.00? The dog is worth energy penny, but it be nice if they er only $60.00

  57. Here’s the thing, I agree with this. However, those dogs deserve homes too. I got my dog as a puppy from pet land for around $2000. She had so many health issues that she was definitely from a puppy mill. We put a lot and a lot of money into surgeries, medications, and diets to help her health. She was the most loving little dog, she deserved someone to care. She lived 15 wonderful years. If we hadn’t gotten her who would have? And would they have helped her like she needed? Puppy mills need to come to an end, yes. And more dogs need to be adopted from shelters,yes. But all of them no matter the cost or where they’re from deserve love. So how can we provide that to all the expensive puppies as well as the shelter ones and Simultaneously shut down those puppy mills.

  58. Deb McMullen I hope you aren’t talking about Phoenix AZ. If so you aren’t talking about the county shelter. I even double checked their fees just now because I knew those numbers were way off. Maybe you’re speaking about a rescue or something in your area…..
    Where I currently live, we have adoption days where you can adopt for free even. Supporting the puppy mill industry is horrific.

  59. For those complaining about paying “more than $100”, how do you think rescues and shelters pay for feeding, neutering, housing and immunizations those dogs whose lives they are dedicated to saving? Many rescues have dogs that are fostered by people who know exactly what this dog is like and who are willing to take the dog back if it doesn’t work out.

  60. Come to Rowan County NC there are plenty to be rescued for $80. Just remember when you adopt from the shelter or a rescue that money goes to save another dog when you buy from a pet store your putting money into a breeders (good or bad) pocket.

  61. First, not all pure bred dogs come from puppy mills as many have said. Second, if I want to spend $2500 on a dog, it’s no ones business but mine. Most rescues are great as family pets, but If I want a dog for a specific purpose, I’ll buy a purebred! Thanks anyway.

  62. I believe animal shelter dogs are too expensive. I know they want to find them a home but you could cut the cost alot. Shelters need the money ! I realize that too. Please find a way to reduce the cost and give these dogs a chance in life…….

  63. This is almost like saying quit buying new clothes when there are so many new clothes at Goodwill for a 10th or less of the cost. And goodwill provides people with training for jobs! The dogs from a breeder, at least a reputable breeder, are not quite the same as a dog from the pound. And if what you’re looking for is a dog that is a puppy, your preference should be what is important since you are the one “paying“ for this dog, it’s care, giving it your home to it, etc you may not find what you are looking for at the pound. But by all means if you can please do. I have adopted several dogs from rescue groups but for whoever said that Oklahoma‘s are cheap that is not always the case. I live in Oklahoma I paid $250 for a Great Pyrenees. She was not even a puppy which is what I had preferred but oh my gosh she was the love of my life at the time

  64. What are the costs?

    Puppy and Dog Adoptions

    Five months of age and younger: $300

    Six months of age and older and more than 21 pounds: $50-$150

    Six months of age and older and less than 20 pounds: $75 – $200

    Six years of age and older: $25-$75

    Shelter Super Heroes: Up to $300

    What’s Included in the adoption?

    Along with your new ‘fur-ever’ friend, dogs in our shelter are given:

    4-in-1 vaccination (distemper, hepatitis, parvo virus, and parinfluenza)

    Bordatella vaccination

    flea/tick treatment

    Adopted dogs ages 3 months of age and older also receive a rabies vaccination and County dog license/tag as part of their adoption fee.

    All animals adopted from us also must be spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter. If you adopt a cat/dog that has not yet been altered, it may need to stay an extra day or two for surgery.

    Add $1000+ for treatment if dog is heartworm positive when you adopt.

    Buying from a shelter has risks and can be expensive. Mine has been well worth it.

  65. Those that are saying Breeder dogs are kept in horrendous conditions, most of the time they are so so mistaken and they know that they’re just spouting it. Most reputable breeders, not puppy mills, raise their puppies and adults in their homes. And I have often seen dogs at rescue groups go for $600 or more. Someone on here said it’s because they are purebreds that go for $600 and up. So tell me why a purebred cost any more at the vets office to get a shot or to be spayed or neutered or to get microchip. They do not. It is a way for some of these rescue groups to make money. And this “adopt don’t shop” doesn’t make sense. Anytime you go to a rescue group or a pound of any kind you are shopping. You are trying to get exactly what you want for the money you want to pay.

  66. Perhaps because many “rescues” are imported from other countries and have had no health screening. Perhaps because pet stores are inspected by USDA but shelters are not. Perhaps because many “shelters” are actually selling their street mongrels for a profit to support theirwell-paid management.

  67. All 6 Of my dogs are rescues. I’ve paid between $42.00 and $150.00 from a a local shelter or pound. Most were not neutered, spayed, vaccinated or vet checked. They are all wonderful. All 6?are now seniors. Their ages are 12, 11, 10,10,17 and 20. They all came with various needs, medical expenses and physical conditions.
    Animals are expensive, but I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything. 4 sleep with me, 2 with my daughter.
    Blankets an the floor, some of them in the bed.
    Oh, we also have four cats and two parrots. The expense of the dogs and cats pales in comparison to those two little parrots.

  68. I recently adopted a 4 month old Cockapoo from the Peoria Illinois animal shelter, it cost me $100 and that included her being spayed. Nothing was wrong with her and she is a doll. She is my second rescue, I adopted a Maltese mix from the animal shelter five years ago when she was 8 weeks old, and it cost me a total of $107 and that included her spaying. They had found her mother and two pups wandering around town. I prefer small dogs as I am in my 60’s.

  69. The adoption costs are due to many factors but greed is not one of them. Its insulting to these hardworking, dedicated rescuers.These rescue shelters are funded only by adoption fees, fundraisers and the generosity of animal loving people. Most of the time they are run by volunteers who work long hard and frequently emotional hours. They want to spend the funds they have on the animals, not paid staff. The costs they incur for vet services to check out the animals, provide medical care, shots, medication, spaying or neutering, etc., etc. have to be recouped so they can afford to rescue more animals. If cost is prohibiting anyone from adopting then maybe they don’t need a pet. Pets can live for many years and have ongoing needs, food, medical care, flea preventative,etc.. You have to be willing and able to provide that.

  70. Deb in Phoenix. I’m not sure where you got your info. The fees for adoptions are posted on the Maricopa County website:
    Puppy and Dog Adoptions
    Five months of age and younger: $300
    Six months of age and older and more than 21 pounds: $50-$150
    Six months of age and older and less than 20 pounds: $75 – $200
    Six years of age and older: $25-$75
    Shelter Super Heroes: Up to $300

  71. The shelters have certain days you can adopt dogs and cats for much less. Under $100. On weekends our Pet Smart let’s Foster families bring their foster pets to the store for adoption and that’s not a bad price. They just want loving homes for these animals.

  72. In Huntington WV Cabell-Wayne animal shelter is $80. Never have I seen the humane society charge such prices. They come with shots, vet checks, spay or neuter with free rabies. I can’t imagine any dogs being “rescued” for that kind of money. Maybe lower the price of adoption and then there wont be as many to euthanize. If you want a pedigree go to a reputable breeder. I have 4 rescue dogs and 2 cats. Most loving, grateful animals. Ribbons and bows does not make a dog a companion.

  73. Sometimes shelter dogs do cost more than $50-60. Mostly the added costs are to pay for a part of vet bills as many animals are rescued with medical problems. Small shelters don’t always get ASPA or other funds from large organizations, rather they depend on private donations. A pure bred dog from a breeder costs about the same as a shelter to raise and the rest goes in the breeders pocket. Then there is the health of a bred dog which maybe poorer than a shelter dog. Always adopt and never buy.

  74. Everytime I have rescued a dog it has cost me $400, last one was 6 yrs old and I only had him for 4 yrs before he passed. His breed had a life span of 10 yrs. wasn’t long enough. If I could find a rescue cheaper I would get a few.

  75. My good friend paid alot for a dog from a breeder, had papers and everything to show how “good” this pup was. Not long after, her vet told her the dog had a congenital heart defect and something wrong with her respiratory system. She contacted the breeder who, after requesting proof from the vet, said she’d take the puppy back and give her a new one (curious to know what the breeder would have done with the puppy. Resold it or killed it). My friend declined and kept the puppy but it did not live very long. Bottom line, no matter what a breeder tells you, or how good a puppy’s parents look on paper, this is a BUSINESS for the breeder. The point of it is to make money. Which means overbreeding the females to make more “product”. I have never had an animal from a breeder, and guess what, “not knowing where they came from” caused no issues. No temperament issues, no health issues that I wasn’t aware of prior, nothing. Each state (and probably each shelter) has their own pricing for adoptions, but that money goes towards keeping the shelter open and caring for abandoned, unwanted and uncared for animals. And for me personally I rather give my money to an someone who is doing that rather than someone who is forcing pregnancies for a profit.

  76. My pit is shy hides from people with hats or glasses. Hates to go on walks, has lupus and cost me almost $500 a month. I’ll never adopt again ever. It’s been an 8 year sentence to watch how abuse ruins the spirit of an animal. He loves me, my daddy, my ex, and my daughter and maybe 3 of my friends. No one else or doing dog stuff. Hates it all tries to hide and it sucks. He doesn’t even meet me at the door when I come home for the day. It’s sad and I will never do it again.

  77. Your pricing is SO off also. In NM nothing is less than $100 and the younger the more you pay. And no shelter takes care of the medical bills after you adopt not here not ever. One vet visit is 80 bucks just to show up that doesn’t count for testing the shots or any medication if you need it. So wherever you’re at stay there because it sucks everywhere else in the United States but there for adoption.

  78. Anyone rescuing pets knows the expense involved in daily/monthly/yearly food, training, Vets, supplies, etc. It’s not cheep in any sense of the word. My local shelters charge 100.00 per pet. This includes all the above initial costs. I think it’s a bargain being just a spay/neuter costs are between 60.00 (low cost clinic) to 150.00 (at the Vet’s). These animals also get all their vaccines, disease testing and treatments, daily care of food, litter and treats. The initial 100.00 not only absorbs some of that cost, it also caries over into the operations cost of the shelter. Dogs adopted for 10 year (lifespan) can cost a minimum of 10,000.00. Cats adopted for 20 year (lifespan) can cost a minimum of 18,000.00. I don’t think an initial investment of 100.00 to bring love and joy into your life is to much to pay.

  79. Note: I have owned many rescues and some “purebred” dogs over the years and the purebred dogs have many times over cost thousands for vet bills fixing “breed specific” abnormalities with costly surgeries. I have never found this to be true in non-pure breed animals (rescued).

  80. When my husband and I were interested in a dog 14 years ago, we searched shelters in and around Pittsburgh, PA and as far away as Ohio. We wanted a small dog that was non-shedding/hypoallergenic. Our home is large – 3 stories – that sits on a double lot, which is unfenced. We did not want to fence in our yard, for a number of reasons, but did not plan on letting the dogs outside alone. We were unable to rescue a dog because of the lack of fence, and ended up buying one from a pet store and a second one from a private breeder. The dogs have the run of the house, so get lots of exercise indoors, go on 2 thirty-minute walks/day, go outside on a leash 3-4 more times each day and thanks to home-cooked food and high-quality treats, have maintained a very healthy weight. They are now 13 years old. The lack of a fenced-in yard has never been an issue for us, but it did keep us from rescuing dogs who would have lived a very good life with us.

  81. My mom is struggling with dementia and her dogs are the only thing that keep her going. They make her smile and live around and just have fun all day. My cats and I watch them and just smile and feel good about them!

  82. I’m gonna make the case for the breeders here.

    If nobody buys purebred dogs, the breeds will stop being bred. No demand, no supply.

    Imagine a world without Corgis….
    Golden Retrievers….
    Shih Tzus….Coonhounds….
    German Shepherds…
    You get my drift.
    I know a lot of breeders, and they dedicate their lives to good bloodlines and bettering the breed, providing purpose-bred dogs and dogs for every need and desire and situation.

    It’s not their fault that people don’t fix their dogs, and it’s not their fault some shelters are full.

    Everyone is entitled to a choice, and not everyone has the time or inclination to roll the dice with an unknown quantity from the shelter.

    Neither buying from a breeder or buying from a shelter is wrong.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but I always feel compelled to pass this on whenever I see the “adopt don’t shop” stuff ?

  83. ALL dogs and cats deserve a home regardless of where they come from. It’s not like they can choose where they are bred or how they are sold!

  84. Hi – don’t forget, a rescue or shelter pet’s fee usually includes vaccines/shots, spay/neuter surgery and their rabies shot. If you pay for those on your own, it’s easily a couple hundred dollars…

  85. I have filled out so many applications to adopt a dog and nobody ever calls me. I own my house , I have a dog that is very well taken care of and very loved. I got tired of trying to adopt a dog and gave up!!!

  86. I agree with getting a pet from a shelter but pet stores have to make money to because they also have families to provide for and some shelter dogs are more expensive than dogs from a pet store.

  87. I applied to adopt so many dogs over the past few months, only to be ignored or rejected. The applications are 5 pages long, even asking for proof of income, they insist on home visits, no kids, no dogs, some dogs, calm dogs, active dogs, fenced yard, must be home most of the time and so on it goes. You never know what answer is going to get you that sweet mutt you fell in love with but the odds aren’t good that you get them all right. One dog we fell for, we didn’t get. He was adopted by a suitable person who returned him within a week for reasons we would have been fine with. But I found a dog without 5 page applications or home visits and high adoption fees. 6 weeks later and that poor guy is still waiting for a home. I understand the fees although I don’t think someone should be turned down because they don’t have that $500 today. The people that do have that are just as likely as anyone to fall to hard times. And I really don’t think strange people should be able to come into my home to see if it’s suitable when the dog I’m wanting is walking around in it’s own pee. I’ve read story after story of people who were rejected for stupid reasons or completely ignored. I have been pushed to the side of Shop not adopt, how sad is that!

  88. The shelters and rescues charge only to cover the vet expenses, food and supplies, and sometimes training. They don’t run a for profit organization. Most animals who enter the shelter or rescue system have been neglected, abused, untrained, they are sick, malnourished and scared out of their minds. It takes alot of work to get these pets to an adoptable level. These shelters and rescues depend greatly on their volunteers. The pets that get dumped at shelters have been so through no fault of their own. Alot of irresponsible pet owners out there.

    Compare that to “breeders”…most of them are backyard breeders or puppy mill owners. Fact-EVERY puppy you buy from a pet store comes from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Profit is what it’s all about! These poor animals are not medically cared for sufficiently (you’ll find out down the road how sick these animals really are), malnurished, unsocialized, kept in cages until they get sold and the worst part…the mammas are kept alive just to breed litter after litter until they can’t anymore. They get discarded when they are considered useless. And folks are paying $1500 and upward for THOSE dogs? Very, very few responsible breeders out there who breed for the love of the breed. The ones who do it right, barely make a profit. Always do your homework about the rescue group you want to adopt from as well…these pets should not cost more than a few hundred. Ask the rescue to show you the invoice of what was spent on that particular animal.

    Have a heart and #adoptdontshop

  89. Noooooooo thanks, I’ll stick with my nearly 3k rotties primarily. I have had better luck with their health and intelligence than most shelter dogs. But you’re welcome not to have kids while there are kids to adopt in the foster care system. You don’t really need your own kids that bad anyway, right?

  90. They charge insane prices nowadays. Rescue isn’t true rescue anymore, it’s retail rescue and if you adopt you’re still shopping…just at a different store. Some of these rescues go and buy puppy mill puppies then turn around and sell them at their rescue for alot more than they paid for them. Not to mention the pediatric altering alot of them do which damage the dog for life. No thanks, I’m going to deal with REAL reputable people in the purebred world.

  91. “Bottom line, no matter what a breeder tells you, or how good a puppy’s parents look on paper, this is a BUSINESS for the breeder.”

    You’ve obviously never been close to a reputable breeder then. They don’t breed for profit and they don’t make a profit. They breed to usher in the next generation of show dogs that are better than the previous generation. And because not all dogs are of the quality to be show dogs, they have extras to share with others who love the breed, but the catch is we have to reimburse them for their expenses in making the pup. Sounds fair to me. You have NO earthly idea how expensive it is to show and properly breed dogs. Besides adopting is shopping at a different store, that is all.

  92. Leave people alone it’s a choice they make not you. It’s not your money or your family. I have kids and will always go to a breeder because I want to know the background and health of parents. Not some mutt that’s going to bite my kids face off. Plus shelters don’t offer health guarantee neither do rescues by the way prices are not 60 bucks some will run you 1800 bucks to adopt. Big Ranch Rescue is 1800. St. Hubert’s 550. AWA 425. You have some nerve telling people how to spend their own money I will give you that. But you have no idea what your talking about and need to do a lot more research.

  93. Here in western PA, I wanted to meet a dog to try to rescue. I was even denied meeting the dog because we use a lead line, and have no fence. I’ve had 2 rescue dogs already, and the local shelter and their “followers” even called me stupid for ranting about not being allowed to meet the dog!

  94. Come to Malta and get a rescue dog from here spay or neutered and it only costs about 10 euros ( $12). in our country Rescue centers are sponsored by the Government. maybe its about time your Government did something about it.

  95. I agree with the comment about being rejected if you don’t have a fenced yard and work full time. That’s crazy. Here in Maryland they even want veterinary references. I have had dogs all my life. They are part of the family and quite spoiled. But how can l afford to feed them if l don’t work? I understand that they want to be sure the dog is not being put into an abusive home but let’s face it most dogs can and are able to be left alone for a workday. Some communities don’t allow fences. OK you want to come see the home before, but a drop in, excuse me but hell no! My friends and family don’t drop into my house why should they be allowed to? The application is long and detailed. It’s probably easier to adopt a child. My husband didn’t believe me when l told him about the process when they there having an adoption fair at one of the local pet stores. He came back fuming ? He couldn’t believe it.

    BTW there is nothing wrong with getting a purebread. I may want a Rottweiler. That is a breed l would ONLY get from a reputable breeder. It’s a person’s choice depending on what they want to do and quite frankly how much BS they want to put up with. The shelter run around sent me to Craigslist. I won’t do that again. He said the pup was a Boxer/Lab. We got a DNA test and he is Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull) Beagle and German Shepherd. He’s a GREAT dog but not what he said and has a totally different temperament. I fear some of those puppies ended up in a shelter because of this.

    Here it does cost about $250.00-$300.00 to adopt but they come from home where they have been hand raised and fed. They have their shots and most are microchipped so that is the cost right there. I really want another dog but if l have to go through the extensive BS l may opt for a purebread. I think different rescues are different. I may even try to rescue one really far away so they have to call before they come. Some of these rescues are really pushing people AWAY from “rescuing” these dogs.

  96. I worked at our counties shelter for 18 years. Dogs can range in cost from $20-$160 or can even be free. Depends on the promotion and if the dog is already fixed and chipped. I would get my next dog from the shelter but more than 50% of the population is pit bulls and we want a Corgi Puppy. The amount of Corgi puppies that came in that weren’t claimed by the owners I can count on one hand. Our county shelter has free pit bulls all the time. There are just too many and no one wants them.

  97. I was about to adopt from a shelter, but the price was$400 … not the only place here in Virginia most of places are charging as minimum $400.

  98. Adopted a dog on Wednesday for 80$ in Texas. They gave me a voucher to get him spayed, rabies shot, and a wellness check along with a list of all the vets who accept the voucher?.

  99. No my daughter kept harassing me for a dog since my sister has 3.. I finally agreed went to the shelter here in NY and they told me the adoption fee was $500 plus $100 to get the dog neutered, mind you I ask how old was the dog they said about 5years or so.. I told my daughter in front of them sorry but I am not gonna pay almost 600 for a dog if that’s the case I will buy you a puppy or even better.. when u go on vacation to Arizona around if anyone has puppies they giving away and then I will pay for the shot and the plane ticket to come back to NY with you.. shelters are out their minds asking for that amount.

  100. first off it’s not $60 to adopt from a shelter it’s over $100 i’ve seen up to $350 – $500..and second most are older and some people want puppies and also they spay them at such young age that now studies have showing it is best to wait till the dog is at least 1 year old for small breeds and 2 year old for medium size breeds and 3 years for large breeds as there r hormones the dogs need to tell the platelets in the elbows ..knees and joints when to close properly studies have shown that fixing an animal under 1 year of age can result in elbow and joint issues and abnormal growth of bones..and in Canada it is banned from selling dogs in pet stores most go to breeders where they know exactly what they r getting in size and a good breeder offers guarantee’s with their dogs

  101. People just picking up stray animals from the pound is ridiculous. I agree animals need to be rescued, but I don’t agree a stray is for everyone. Most of them need experienced dog owners who understand why a stray was abandoned and how a shelter life may have affected them. The “get a shelter animal not a designer animal” is an irresponsible, misleading and desperate slogan. Breeders spend lots and lots of time and money for a “designer breed” to be educated, vaccinated and socialized. Not all designers are perfect and not all sheltered are bad. Don’t pressure society into something that isn’t what they truly want or need!!!

  102. PEOPLE want puppy’s not random dog without knowing it full back round putting there family. At risks why should other. Have to. Pick up. 2nd hand dogs. Fook that shit no way .. .

  103. I have to say that I first and foremost believe that when you make a decision that you want to expand your family and welcome a fur baby into your life and home it is a very personal decision, and a decision that needs to be right for you, not what society thinks you should do. No I do not support puppy mills or backyard breeders, but there are reputable breeders out there, that dedicated there lives to the preservation of certain breeds, where you can obtain history, meet the sire and the mother of the pups, proper screening of the pups and medical confirmation of all medical records, and these dogs are just not producing litter after litter, that’s when genetic problems start with pups, most reputable breeders also have a contract with potential buyers that if for some reason you can no longer care for and keep the puppy you are to notify the breeder so they can assist in finding a suitable home for the pup. I am someone who chose to go in this direction, I did not make this decision overnight it was well planned and thought out, and extensive researching to find a reputable breeder, as a matter of fact it was a two year process, and I couldn’t be happier and love my pup more if I tried, he’s a year old now, very healthy, energetic, beautiful pup, from an exceptional, reputable breeder. My point, do what’s right for you, whether it’s a shelter dog or a reputable breeder, either way be responsible what ever decision you make, but in the end this should be your decision, not what society dictates to you, what everyone else does might not be the right decision for you.

  104. Wow! I live in Alabama & our shelters are so overcrowded that I ended up adopting my full blooded beautiful pit bull terrier for free when I did a foster to adopt. She was fully vetted, spayed, house trained, command trained & is absolutely the best dog I’ve ever had. Our local shelter has adoption fairs all the time with either waved adoption fees for adult dogs & cats and really cheap (around $75 or less) adoption fees for puppies. Kittens seem to be usually around $25. When the shelter gets overcrowded adoption fees are waved. They come fully vetted, shots, either spayed or neutered or they come with vouchers for spay/neuter. No home checks, etc. We just have so many in shelters that they don’t have the funds or resources to do home checks. Basically you go in, fill out basic paperwork, pay a small fee if one is required & get out in less than 20 minutes with whatever pet you have chosen. One of my friends adopted a full blooded, gorgeous golden doodle from the local shelter here & my parents adopted two full blooded golden retrievers from the same shelter. It’s crazy down here the pure bred breeds at our shelters.

  105. I’m sorry but I reading and scrolling all this bs comments. I have saved received turtles and took them back into the wild rescued bby rabbits and put them back in the wild got a got from a shelter best dog ever but lost my job and home and no one would get him so heartbroken ly had to give her to a family with a barn and large they hardest thing to do for my Dtr! I bought a ditty for $3000 at a damn Portland in Orlando don’t get me wrong I love him but very hyper and nothing but problems with medical bills from seizures to bacteria so I’ve spend more than enough got s female from another breeder in Hannah claim she was clean of parasite with health certificate will guess what not I had to pay and get her right!!! Now my babies had their own and I make sure they are clean bathed feed and watch even when I. The yard like my children any boboo I’m there my vet can vouch and I have 5 Rotties, cat and a parrot and are all on his payroll cuz I care so shelter or not they all are important it just depends on the type of dog you want for your home like when you go shopping you buy clothes you and food you not whatvthey choice for you so if you pay more and you love it so be it! I have two females left akc registered beautiful and sweet as pie nobody buys them so what they will stay with me until I die I’d kc why cuz I feed them and I take care of them with my husband and their family even though they drive me bonkers enough said

  106. That’s all I have to say about my Rotties I have 2 females for forever home if you want them fine if you don’t fine too akc registered first shots great dogs& I’ve recused turtles from being run over rabbits into they were old enough to be released so don’t tell me idk and I vet bills to prove it

  107. I don’t understand shaming people for adopting whatever dog they choose, purebred pet store or rescued. Either way, you’re taking home an animal and taking care of it, right? There are a lot of dogs that go through pet store adoption but there are also a lot of dogs at shelters that get adopted. So what if a rescue isn’t what someone is looking for? You can’t tell them that it’s wrong because they have different needs/wants than you do and secondly, it’s not your place to tell people how they should go about an important decision like this.

    I have 3 rescued cats (cats are always underadopted, but I don’t hear people complaining about this as much) that I don’t like putting at risk because I love them, so I bought both of our dogs as puppies from breeders. Some people have small children or other dogs they do not want to put at risk. I know they have the dog summary that says if they’re good with cats or dogs or kids usually. Trusting this summary is like playing dead cat roulette in my opinion.

    Adopting a dog isn’t about scoring virtue points. It’s about adopting a dog that will fit seemlessly into your family. Dogs can be unpredictable and dangerous as much as they can be calm and loving. Telling others they’re an evil person or that they actually hate dogs for adopting a pet store pup is only going to hurt dog rescues in the long run. Worry about yourself and maybe you’ll be a much happier person.

    One last extremely controversial note, we have to stop treating animals like they are humans. Humans are much more important than any animal. It’s disgusting how society believes saving an animal is more important. You may not say it outwardly, but this spreading sentiment exists. If you want to save anything, adopt a kid.

  108. Look around for cheaper shelters and when you do that save up some money. Once you get the dog home you will need extra for the yearly appt and such. I live in the TwinCities and we and we went out of the state to get our dog… one because it was cheaper yes…but mostly because we fell in love with the our puppy. We were incredibly lucky to get her.

    Good luck!

    PS… just because you don’t want to pay a lot for a dog doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a good dog owner. And just because you pay a lot for a dog doesn’t mean you will be a bad dog owner. It’s all how you look at it. How much funds you have…etc…

  109. The price also depends on the age of the dog… a puppy at the pound will cost a lot more then the older dog. Another reason we went out of state. The dogs were all the same price where we went. Mmm at least I believe that is what they said.

  110. I don’t know why it has to be one or another, if someone wants a registered breed of dog there should be no shame in that. That’s like saying stop having babies because there are many children out there that need to be adopted

    • Why are you posting this on here? People adopting dogs don’t necessarily want kids and personally I think dogs are more desirable. Just sayin.

  111. I tried a dog shelter but because I rented and did not own my home I was not qualified to get a dog? Like really? The fact I’ve been here for years and yard fenced in and bonus 1 small dog already part of the family which by the way was a rescue dog.

  112. You’re gonna pay $500- $2,000 for a full breed The people who should really be punished are the breeders and if you’re buying off them you’re just as guilty.
    I paid $200 to adopt my dog from a shelter and he’s been the best dog that I’ve ever owned so we consider that option as opposed to buying off these scum bag breeders

  113. Every time you buy off a breeder 3-5 dogs in a shelter will become euthanized that’s what I would say to the face of a breeder who doesn’t seem to give a fuck those are the people that are responsible and all they’re doing it is just to make money I don’t care how reputable they are they’re just piece of shit scum bags. I understand some of the prices at the shelters are ridiculous but there are many other shelters you can go to that are much cheaper

    • I don’t feel the least bit guilty about the dogs I acquired from breeders. Their parents were both health tested prior to breeding so not likely to have genetic issues that i’ll run into down the rode. All breeders are not bad and all rescues are not good. The ones where I live are over zealous with their adoption policies so its a lot easier to just get a dog from a breeder than jump through the ridiculous hoops set up by the rescue organizations. And its not my fault that dogs are being put down. Blame the people that didn’t spay or neuter or properly train their pets. Especially the ones that are mutts.

  114. The shelters make you wait so long to adopt. I understand you want to make sure that the pet is going to a good home but they make you wait too long. Please keep pets safe and make process easier. Last time I tried I waited months checked in several times and after all that time they lost my paperwork. I then went out and bought a dog. I felt very guilty.

  115. I don’t know how many times I’ve got to keep saying this! Yes! It’s Shitty those puppies cost so much! But blame the humans, Not the dogs! Those poor puppies did not dig anything wrong! They live in display cases all their lives unless adopted or put down if after they become A CLEARANCE PUPPY they aren’t purchased! They did not ask to be in those stores, where they never see outdoors unless they are in a parking lot! Shame on all of you who think this! All dogs deserve the same! The poor pups in humane societies or in pet stores! Neither are more important than the other and neither asked to be where they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLES!!!! B

  116. I don’t get it, whether people want a shelter dog or one from a reputable breeder, it’s really no one’s business, it’s a personal decision, I look at this way, my life, my family, my home, my money, my decision, instead of going after reputable breeders and branding them “scumbags”, why don’t you go after the true “scumbags” who allow their dogs to end up in a shelter, why should everyone else be responsible and feel obligated to clean up someone else’s mess, go after the people that created the mess, once again I’ll say it, do what’s right for you and your family (the people that live in your home, not what keyboard warriors think you should do) but be responsible in whatever decision you make so you’re furbaby has a forever home!!

    First off
    Pet store puppies and rescues dogs are CREATED MUCH ALIKE.
    Both are from humans that have no ethics or morals. Bred out of greed and shoved out forever forgotten after sold or created!!!!

    Pet stores buy purebreds ( REGISTRATION DOES NOT MEAN QUALITY EVER)
    And rescues dogs are both PB and Mixed dogs born from irresponsible and uneducated pet owners who refuse to spay and neuter !!

    Tell me who is the worse evil. BOTH NEED STOPPED.
    But BOTH HAVE OUTLETS TO “GET RID” of their responsibility to the lifelong genetic faults and temperament issues they produce!!

    Researching the linage purpose merit and health of your breeds and the breeders ethics on responsibility long term for their productions!!

    Back yard breeders count on pounds and rescues to TAKE OVER their lost souls giving them an outlet to dump at will knowing there are no consequences to keep breeding as much as puppy miller’s have brokers as outlets to unload litters at a time into the public’s ignorant markets as well.

  118. I know that typically shelter animals have been spayed/neutered and have gotten the first round of vet treatments (which can easily cost $200 for shots and $250+ for the sp/neut) so, paying $100 and up is NOTHING compared to getting a papered overbred “breed”.

  119. Well if you’re getting an over bred breed your not doing your research, it comes down to this, you either don’t want to invest or people just don’t have the money to invest in a TRUE ethical and responsible breeder who is dedicated to the preservation of a certain breed and what they have to offer when you purchase a puppy, no it’s not cheap, but once again you do what works for you and your family not what key board warriors think you should do and will probably never even meet in this life time, where ever you obtain a puppy I’m sure all they want is your love and care and a forever home, they ALL deserve a loving home no matter where they come

    • Completely and totally agree. All breeders are not bad and all rescues are not good. There are tons of responsible breeders out there doing well for their breeds who health test their dogs and do their best to put them in loving homes.

  120. I hunted, and hunted for a dog to rescue in Michigan from early October until January 25th. My applications were ignored so many times, it is ridiculous. I was even ignored by attempts to “re-home” dogs several times. Adoption/Rescue fees here in Michigan start at a very unusual $100 on up. Truthfully I have been contacted by people that wanted in upwards of 2 and 3 thousand dollars. No joke, no lie. On January 23, I found a little girl that spent the first five years of her life giving birth to one litter after another. She ended up in a small one woman shelter about 35 to 40 miles from home. After talking to the woman, we decided to go get Charlie on Saturday. While at the shelter, from November 11, 2019, until now, she was spayed, brought up to date on all of her shots, and tests. Her adoption fee was $75.00. I ended up getting this little lover for $50.00, I dont know why, but it shows me that the shelters that charge the ridiculous prices are either price gouging, or stupid. C told us that they have a truck load of Rachelle Ray and Purena 1 dog food delivered every Monday, no charge. She has all kinds and sizes of beds, blankets, and toys donated as well. Then she actually gives them to the rescuer for their new fur baby. Vets almost always give shelters huge discounts on spay or neuter, not to mention inoculations. If you want, and can afford to by from a breeder , by all means go for it. I couldn’t take that rout. Good luck.

  121. Don’t bother to rescue a dog in Missouri because there are too many rules and restrictions that are ridiculous. My brother lost his old dog last September and could not even talk about it. But his wife said he would come around so they would get another dog. This happened in their home in Florida. They came to their home in St Louis in late September and started looking for a dog. They needed a small enough dog to fit on an airplane under their seat. After filling out a lot of paperwork at different places they found the perfect dog. But when the shelter found out they had no fenced yard they were told they could never adopt. In Florida they live in a closed community that doesn’t allow fences but everyone has a dog and there is a dog park. My brother’s dogs have always lived to be over 15 years old and they all had a great life. My brother and sister-in-law are upper class and have 2 homes and a few million dollars. But they couldn’t rescue a dog in St Louis. They went back to Florida and found an ad about puppies for sale because the owner died. So they drove an hour and bought a purebred Jack Russell Terrier puppy. They wanted to rescue a dog not a puppy but they had no choice. People in trailer parks and apartments can’t have fences but they are good people. Shame on shelters and rescue groups who make it impossible to rescue a dog.

  122. Ok let me stretch some points across here

    First off, all dogs deserve to be adopted and cared for ok not just dogs in a shelter if someone buys a dog in a pet store im happy for that dog cause in the end dogs in a shelter and a pet store just want to be adopted and cared for all the same

    And lastly, before u bash someone for keeping money on the table (which is actually smart) do take a minute to think about reality…..everything cost money, and u need to be well off to buy a dog in the first place ….. a dog is a long time thing like a child if don’t plan on having the dog u buy for the rest of its life dont buy the dog cause that dog will feel pain

    Imagine a dog getting adopted and the owner only having enough money to get the dog but not to take care of it ….. that dog is going to go back to the shelter cause of lack of money

    Yeah it sucks but the reality here is money is as important as owning a dog

  123. I will never use a rescue in my area (Washington DC/Northern VA) to adopt a dog. They have unrealistic expectations about schedules and want to do invasive home visits that a breeder would never do. They are also a bit on the expensive side and their adoption fees are significantly higher than $60. I tried to use one years ago and it worked out poorly so I used an out of state rescue to obtain my first dog who is now 14 and sadly is having issues with arthritis in her old age. My other two dogs came from responsible breeders and I will continue to use responsible breeders who health test their dogs prior to breeding for future pets. I may even breed one of my current dogs as I was provided with breeding rights when I acquired her. People who bash breeders are jerks. Not only are all breeders not bad but all rescues are not good. I donate to those I think are worthwhile but not the ones in my area as some of the people running those are unrealistic.

  124. And the fees for adoption of a rescue mutt are $375 to $425 from the local rescue. Why would I pay that when I did not pay much more for a purebred whose parents have been health tested on Embark for genetic diseases? The rescues here are awful and their selection of dogs is not the greatest. I will do rescue again when they remove their heads from their nether regions.

  125. I don’t know of any pet stores anymore selling dogs. At least here in Cali . People around here are into spending 2500.00$ – 5000.00$ for labradoodles, golden doodles. They are not AKC .same with maltipoos (toy poodle mix with Maltese).people don’t bat a eye on these little dogs. I’m a Dog groomer , have been for 35 yrs . I have a few of the little mix breeds that I groom. One in particular her back legs are bowed, her knees click in and out . She’s cute as a button but people buy these guys not caring

  126. I will also say I now have mix feelings about reputable breeders,. I’ve owned rescue dogs all my life . Recently I I paid for my toy poodle. The breeder has been showing and breeding them for 35yrs. So every time you breed a show quality female to a perfect male does not mean all those puppies are going to be show quality. To my surprise it could be only one if your lucky. Then on these small breeds you have to wait n have the vet determine if or what percentage the patella (knees) are going to be a problem. The puppies that have bad knees or aren’t quite show quality should be spayed neutered and given to good homes, this doesn’t happen enough. It’s sad all the way around. But I do love our akc breeds am the origin their from .

  127. Nice for anyone to presume to tell me how and what to spend my hard earned money on. Police your own; I’m welling to bet you have choices that others would question.

  128. I have 6 dogs. 4 of them I have rescued, 1 I got from a breeder, and 1 I got from a pet store. I also had a dog that passed away that was a rescue too. The dog I got from the breeder didn’t seem to be in it for money, they wanted $400 for a pure bred dachshund. The pet store, however, wanted $2500 for a mini long hair dachshund (in my defense, I didn’t buy this dog, it was purchased by friends and family as a gift to me on my bday). I do prefer rescuing dogs because they do need loving homes and a lot of them were given up or worse, abandoned. Plus, my rescue dogs seem to be sweeter than my pure bred puppies overall, and I think it is maybe because of what they went through to get the loving home. At the end of the day, buying a dog is a personal thing and a long term commitment. I just want people to make the right choice so dogs don’t end up abandoned or unwanted. They all need homes and love, whether they come from a rescue, breeder, or pet store. While giving puppy mills money is not cool, that dog didn’t have a choice in being a puppy mill dog and they had a horrible experience coming into the world. They deserve love too. Just make the right decision for you that means that dogs stays in a forever home.

  129. For those of you saying you won’t pay $600 for a shelter dog, DONT GET ANY DOG AT ALL! We had a rescue pass away last year. I rescued her for $250. We subsequently paid $12,000 in medical bills for a disease she had and a splenectomy. I loved that dog like a child. I chose her and I was not going to let her live in pain. We had her almost 11 years. She was the best dog I ever had and she was worth every single penny. I could never put a price on the joy she brought me every day! Now, we have a pup who someone dumped on the side of a busy road. She is insecure-go figure-she but me by mistake when going after another dog when the owner wasn’t smart enough to keep moving when her dog was being aggressive. I’m now missing a chunk from my thigh, but I will not give up on her. She is the sweetest little snuggle bug to me at home. We are $2500 into training for her and she will now be muzzled-it’s the responsible thing to do. Oh, yeah and she’s having her hips replaced for $11,000. We start the process in March. All this to point out- the money you pay initially pales drastically in comparison to the vet bills. Even if you have a very healthy dog, they need shots, teeth cleaning, anal gland expression, check ups, heart worm and flea meds, occasional illnesses and injuries. When we go to the vet, routine “maintenance” runs $125- $300 EACH time. Responsible pet owners take their pets to the vet. $600 is a pittance to pay. Rescues charge because you are reimbursing them for the vet bills, food and boarding for that animal!

  130. Come to Panama and get all the dogs and cats you want – for free. They will have been neutered or spayed. I have three of the most wonderful Panamanian dogs ever. When I decide to move on, they will be with me. I would never spent $100 for a dog. There are so many places to get unwanted pets. When I lived in the States, I did adoptions with the Humane society on Sundays. That was my favorite day of the week. I felt so sad when I left, but I’m very much involved here.

  131. Go toyour county shelter the dogs will have been fixed and have all updated shots That’s what you are paying for and the dogs know you have saved them from death row and are the best dogs Just give them time to adjust to your home and all will be perfect and it’s usually around or less than $100

  132. Don’t confuse a shelter dog with a rescue group dog. Most (not all) rescue groups take the best shelter dogs and if you pass their arbitrary standards, they may let you borrow THEIR dog for $300+. They may visit you in the future to make sure your care fits their standards.

    A shelter dog is one you actually adopt. Cost for adoption is usually $50-$150.

    Rescue groups are often (though not always) scams, and the operators make quite a lot of money.

    Support shelters. Avoid bad rescue groups.

  133. this should not be a Don’t but only Rescue story
    Instead the focus should be on being a responsible dog owner and only getting a dog if you intend on keeping it for its entire life. That’s the issue right there

  134. I used to rescue dogs and I still rescue cats. I would not want a shelter dog these days because too many are pits/pit mix. Having worked with them I know they are frequently animal aggressive. Many shelters are not honest about bite history and most dont know the first thing about genetics and animal behavior.

  135. People can buy any type of dog that they want. NO ONE has the right to shame someone for the dog they chose to buy with THEIR own money!

  136. This makes me sad, all pets need loving homes regardless of the price paid for them. Some of the high priced dogs don’t have any better life than shelter dogs. Do you love one child more than another just because you paid more or less at the hospital?? What we should be preaching is1. Responsible breeding with licensing and 2. Responsible ownership.. if you surrender your animal to a shelter for ridiculous reasons you should never own a pet… ever!!

  137. This who whole breeder stuff has gotten out of hand. You say purebred! Huh what is that these days? All the combined names of two different breeds to give you a “purebred”!!! What a joke! A poodle and a Labrador make a labordoodle…back in the day that equaled a mutt/Heinz 57…chiweenie wth? Weiner dog and chihuahua again equals a mutt bernedoodle Saint Bernard and poodle equals mutt but for some reason now they are Hybrid dogs and you pay high dollars for them why? There are not hypoallergenic. They do shed. Maybe not much, but they do. And they do require lots of Grooming. And you are better off to get a pet from the shelter. At least that way, you know, they’re healthy. We I had got a Labradoodle from a well-known breeder That was a carrier. Of parvo That died six months after we purchased him. It was heartbreaking. Needless to say we will never buy from a breeder again.

  138. WTF is wrong with most of y’all? If a shelter dog is not good enough for you or hell, just having a heart and knowing they want a home and family and damn near all of them have been mistreated by obviously heartless people like on here. They deserve love no matter what. Maybe a ceramic dog is what’s best….. no food, water, love, attention, clean up….. PERFECT!!
    And also…. 90% are exactly around the price that was shared. No one told ya to go to the shelter at the Hamptons or Berkshires. You pay outrageous, hey…. stupid is as stupid does. That simple.🙄🙄🙂
    And save your snooty and hateful comments…. I wont care and can care less about the over privilege and/or heartless cowards that need a real life!

  139. Quit telling me what to do, When perhaps I buy full blooded Registered dogs for show dogs. rescues are good as well but it is hard to find a full blooded registered dog at shelter.

  140. Why do you have to over dramatize your point? Dogs don’t sell for 2500 normally and shelter dogs don’t sell for 60 either.

  141. The price wasn’t even a consideration for us.
    We’ve had dogs my entire life & 3 wonderful rescue dogs. But when we suddenly lost our 4 year old
    Mix we were again devastated. I searched & searched online & through the human society & my vets. We even went to several. They want you to
    Jump through hoops to give a homeless animal
    Love & a good home. One even turned Down my vet telling her she worked too much —A VET!!!
    And isn’t a puppy at a pet store deserving of a loving home? It’s not their fault where they came
    From. Anyway we gave up waiting & being offered sick dogs or mean ones & bought a beautiful puppy
    Who is our child. Because we don’t have a fence, we were offered only pups that were returned. Unfortunately We are too old now to properly care for a real problem pet. Wish we could have take
    All 4 offered.

  142. “Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle keeps dogs out of shelters… … This is a piece of the puzzle that so many people can’t seem to understand”…

    Puppy mills? No. Reputable breeder? Yes, please.
    While I am sorry for the dogs in shelters you have to accept that many are unadoptable by normal, average people. Many shelter dogs have BAD problems, and not knowing who they are or where they came from usually ends up with the dog back in the shelter.

    These dogs are coming from all over the world and people are trying to make other people feel badly about choosing the right dog for their home instead of trying to adopt these shelter problems.

    ALL of my dogs have come from shelters, and most of them have been great; but my last was a bad move because I was made to feel bad, and he is a great dog but not for me. A very bad match. We are all unhappy. And I have spent FAR more than $2500 trying to fix his problems.

    BTW, “Rescue” groups denied me because I don’t vaccinate my 20 year old cat who does nothing but eat and sleep in his box.

    Stop the madness, stop importing problems, people go get the dog you WANT and can live with. And stop feeling guilty and STOP trying to make rational, sensible people feel guilty!

  143. I have a neighbor who paid $2800 for a designer mutt (a shih-something). Other than top show and breeding dogs, NO dog is worth that. It’s cute, but all puppies are cute until they grow up into whatever they’re going to be. You have no way of knowing if that cross-bred pup will have temperament or health problems; he might suddenly attack your child (or anyone), and you aren’t trained to handle all the possible issues or read the dog’s body language.

    I’m all for rescuing and rehoming, but believe that also involves training the prospective family/person.

  144. Continued…
    The best place to find a puppy (or adult dog) as your pet is a knowledgeable responsible breeder. They have studied the breed for generations and usually show their dogs. A litter of six or eight babies will be cute and well-socialized, but a breeder might get only one show-quality pup. The rest will be wonderful, good-looking puppies ready to join your family successfully. These pets should be around 12 weeks old, well-started on crate training, be fat and sassy, and be outgoing. It’s unrealistic to expect a pup to even begin to understand house-breaking until he’s around 12 weeks old – their little brains just haven’t developed enough yet. And make sure that the breeder gives you a pedigree and a copy of medical records.

  145. alternative opinion: all dogs deserve love. We searched all shelters for over a year and all they had was chihuahuas & pit bulls, and neither are a good fit for us. We ended up with the perfect little girl, Lucie, that we love so much. I would say that maybe, part of the problem is horrible people that don’t take care of their pets in the first place, abandoning them so that they end up in shelters. A lot of them are lost and people don’t care to look at the shelters (which is easy) or don’t want to pay the $50 boarding fee if they do find then (wtf?) or it’s college kids who get a pet and go home for the summer and discard it like an old couch.

  146. I wanted a shelter dog to begin with. After fees it was going to cost me $700 and I still had to go through a home evaluation. The dog I wanted I was told I couldn’t have! We ended up with a puppy from a breeder for the same cost.

    You can all say breeders are bad and you should adopt… But everyone goes out to eat even when there’s leftovers in the fridge. Sometimes the shelter isn’t the right decision for you.

  147. Riddle me this. Why do people have babies when there are hundreds of thousands of children without beds to sleep in or food to eat? There are children living on the streets, not even in a shelter yet we never hear about them. I purchased a pure bred dog, but I have provided a home for dozens of children without one. My reason? I needed to know 100% that our dog would have the right temperament to be my son’s best friend, as he has Autism. I needed to know the dog would be able to adjust to a variety of circumstances and children that have been neglected, abused and torn from the home they knew. I share my story with you not to validate my why or to look for approval for me purchasing a $2500 dog. I share my story to remind people not to judge anyone elses choices. What is right for me, may not be right for you. What makes us wonderful is our ability to be different, diverse. As long as in life we strive to do no harm, that should be enough. Be a responsible pet owner, regardless of where the pet comes from. Care for and love the pet, shelter and feed the pet. Neuter and keep the pet up to date on its immunizations. Most importantly, treat the pet as you would treat the family members you most love.

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