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Having At Least One Lazy Day Per Week Can Reduce Stress

Having at least one “lazy day” per week can reduce stress, high blood pressure and the chances of having a stroke.

Being lazy is very often viewed as something negative, however, scientific studies say that it’s actually the most beneficial thing that a person can do for their cognitive and physical well-being. Surprised? There are literally thousands of quotations, offered by scientists, doctors, and even technologists praising the benefits of laziness over hard work.

Bill Gates says, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it,” while Patrick Bennett,  a global strategic marketing director in pharmaceuticals, seems to think along those very same lines.

He says, and I quote, “Laziness is the first step toward efficiency.”

The burning question here is, are Gates and Bennett actually correct, or is this just their perception, brought on by some isolated personal experience?

So, where’s the proof from all of these scientists? The proof that demonstrates that being lazy is, in point of fact, good for you. Well, let’s see! The general consensus among scientists seems to be that:

People who are not as physically active have a tendency, on average, to be brainier than physically active people. This is according to a 2015 scientific study.

Lazy people tend to be better thinkers and are better at coming up with innovative ideas. This, as we are all well aware of, can be a life-changing enterprise.

Lazy people are not good at working hard. They will always find an easier way of doing things. As a matter of fact, you could honestly say that all of the life-changing, genius gadgets that we’re so fond of today, are actually products thought up by people who searched for an easier  way to do a difficult job.

Lazy people generally come up with better ideas if they remain active thoughtfully, not physically.

And the very best reason of all to enjoy those lazy days? Having at least one lazy day per week can reduce stress, high blood pressure and the chance of having a stroke!

So, I’d say that this proves conclusively that science supports laziness over physical activity, when it comes to finding the easiest way to do a difficult job or, even better, living a longer, healthier life!  Therefore laziness is better and it’s best if you just accept the fact that your lazy-technique could just be the key to greater efficiency, and a longer life! Take, for example, the following incredibly efficient products!

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  1. I always thought being called lazy was an insult. Now I know if I take a day to sleep longer than usual, I won’t feel guilty. I have chores tonight that I must do. I’ve won’t do anything else. And I will not feel guilty.

  2. To which “2015 scientific study” are you referring? So few writers skip the rule of citing sources, and it significantly minimizes the legitimacy of their work.

  3. Sunday is just another work day for me. Get to church early, set up piano, practice offertory song one more time, do work as Sunday School secretary during the SS hour, play the piano for church service, go visit parents on Sun afternoon (1 hr round trip), back to church on Sunday night for 1-2 hours, go home & do some household chores & finally sit down and hope to read some of my book before I fall asleep. Get up Monday & start 6 12-hr days of work. Being self-employed takes a lot of time.

  4. Yes, our Heavenly Father calls it the Sabbath – Friday sundown until Saturday sundown. He thought this one up right along with the creation of the very first human being.

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