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Burl Wood
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Wood is used for timbers and lumbers and we have already discussed many sought after wood types including acacia, olive, mango and mulberry etc.

Today we are discussing a rare wood type, The burl.

What is a burl in wood?

What is a burl in wood
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Burl is actually unsprouted bud tissues.

A burl isn’t a separate wood type, it can occur in any wood when there is stress or some sort of issue happening inside.

A burl wood is in ingrown grain in the tree that usually occurs in its trunk or a thick branch. The occurring of grain usually comes in deformed manner in shape of small knots.

● How Is Burlwood Made?

Burlwood is extremely sought after in woodworking and is sold in the market at higher rates.

However, when it comes to formation or creation, the burl occurring in wood might be a result of inside stress or virus.

It occurs beneath the tree, and sometimes identified when the tree dies. However, the patterns remain same even when the three dies.

● How to find burl wood?

Here is what you need to know about burl wood finding:

  • Burl grain texture can occur in many wood types and it is not specific to any certain tree.
  • Burl wood is obtained by harvesting the tree or branch of the tree with burl.
  • You will see knobs or balls like tiny blisters on the tree trunk that’s actually the burl.
  • Burl is caused due to injury, fungus, virus, or insects and occurs in shape of intense grain patterns.
  • Burl wood is favored for its beauty, splendor, and ability to evoke emotion.

● Burl Wood Size:

Buri Wood Size
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The size of the burl in wood varies from one tree type to another based on the level of stress or amount of fungus on the trees.

In some tree types the size can be as long as 8 meters. Moreover, when there is moisture in the burl present, it can further grow redwood trees.

Burl wood Types:

Burlwood comes in various types, what are those and how they are different from each other, let’s find out in the lines coming ahead.

As it is said, burl can occur in any wood so when it happens on different wood types, it slightly differs in color and appearance making a separate type.

Famous burlwood types are:

1. Redwood burl wood:

Redwood burl wood
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In the base of some coastal redwoods a knobby growth is seen that’s called burl. It can also grow in the canopies. Moreover, burl wood can also grow redwood clones.

Redwood burl occurs in the color of deep to pale red.

2. Maple burl wood:

maple burl wood
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When a maple tree goes through an interesting process, the burl can happen. Burl is also called as tree tumors that have organic shapes and can be large.

These burls can occur in the color of cream, tan, orange, red, and occasional brown.

3. Walnut burl wood:

Walnut burl wood
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Walnut burl wood is an expensive type of burl wood used in the making of automobile interiors and expensive furniture items.

Walnut burlwood has a rich brown color.

4. Oak burl wood:

oak burl wood
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Oak wood has very tiny burls that occur in it but for value a large eyed burl is used. However, it doesn’t make oak burls inexpensive.

The color of oak burl is golden yellow to brown.

5. Cherry burl wood:

cherry burl wood
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Cherry burl wood is stiff and tough making it extremely useful to be mended and worked by using hands and machines. Moreover, this wood is widely used domestically.

Worth of cherry burl wood can be between $10-25 per foot board and the color is also very interactive.

6. Birch burl wood:

Birch burl wood
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Birch is also a tree type that is found in jungles of Alaska. When burl happens on these trees, the worth of the wood increases and this burl is used in making many domestic and decorative items.

Burl can cost 1000 pounds.

Characteristics of Burl Wood:

Here are some benefits and characteristics why burl wood is favored all over the world.

1. Incredible Grain Pattern

Burl celebs have incredible grain patterns. These grain patterns are based on mineral staining and voids that appear in distinct coloration. But these patterns are usually dark in color.

You also find curly grains in the burl wood that comes as a result of the wood having been submerged in water for a longer period of time.

Such amazing patterns make burl wood desirable.

2. They have no sapwood:

Sapwood is the veiny texture that usually occurs and disturbs the pattern of grains. When burl wood becomes old, there remains no sapwood and hence the pieces look incredible.

This thing makes each piece of burl wood unique, rare, and desirable.

3. Durable enough to stay same as long as forever:

People feel an emotional connection with burl wood because their parents and even parents’ parents have used burl wood furniture.

Their connection and emotional attachment towards burl wood slab and burlwood furniture increases.

Uses of Burlwood

Uses of Burlwood:

Burwood is widely used in the various markets to manufacture various items. Details are given as below

1. In furniture making:

Burlwood furniture is expensive but has huge demand in the market. Indoor and outdoor furniture items both are made by using burlwood.

The wood is very tough and extremely resistant against weather and water that makes it ideal to make outdoor chairs, tables, and other items.

2. Wood sculptures:

Due to its grainy texture and everlasting yet rare grain patterns, burlwood is also used in making sculptures. It is used by artists and the sculptures have so much demand in the market.

3. Decorative items:

Burlwood is also used in making decorative items like wooden clocks, picture frames, wooden pots, and whatnot. They stay the same for as long as you need and also don’t require any sort of painting.

4. Automobile interior:

You may be astonished to see that but in expensive automobiles, burlwood is used to make interior items. One because it is durable and second because it is water resistant.

Along with this, it is also used to make kitchen items like spoons, ladles, tops, bowls, etc.

Bottom Line:

This is all about burl wood. If we are missing on anything or you liked our provided information, do send us your feedback. Giving feedback is very easy as all you have to do is comment below.

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