Being A Male Is A Matter of Birth…

Being a Gentleman is a matter of choice

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Here are some tips:

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Three cheers to a gentleman! ?

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  1. A philosophy I’ve tried to follow all my life, whether or not I’ve been successful can only be determined by those with whom I have come in contact ! …..?

  2. This is the way my husband lives his life. When we fell in love I was very beautiful and he was very handsome with the qualities above. But at 45 he was still single. Why? He was a military officer during the Vietnam war, and had been injured when the base came under attack. A bomb exploded near by and left him a partial paraplegic. Everyone loves him, but no one wanted to marry him, until I came along. All I could see was his beautiful face, hair, shoulders, muscles, and the characteristics I’d been searching for. So, when he asked me to marry him, it was a no brained. We will be celebrating 30 years in July. The sweet smile and sunglasses are great too?

  3. My mother is a heroic woman. She raised four sons and half the neighbors kids. We all turned out this same way but also my Dad. He is a
    quiet sweet man. If you noticed I said is. My Mother is 92 y.o. and my Dad just celebrated his 94th birthday. They have been married for 73 years. I am so thankful to have been given the two best parents in this world.
    To Kathy Vu, you are a beautiful person. I know that with out looking. God Bless!

  4. Chivalry is not dead it’s comatose. It is not about being under or over a woman but about respect. Ladies should expect it because your strong not weak. I did not have any examples in my life but I learned that resept is needed in a relationship to that relationship will last.

  5. I agree with the 1st and the 3rd premise, but the 2nd I’m not sure of as I’ve met a lot of 30 year old boys. And as a father of a daughter, I wish it was only an age thing to have a boy become a man.

    • Age has nothing to do with being a gentleman- Politeness, Respect for others’ feelings, Being able to hold your temper, are some of the basic traits for a gentleman, as well as the old fashioned notion (for some)- of opening a door or pulling out a chair- for ladies, or holding the elevator door for others to enter or exit. Simple politeness goes a long way towards the idea of being a gentleman, and can be done by anyone- boy, teen, or man- who is classy enough to put others’ needs ahead of his own.

  6. “Being a FEMALE is a matter of birth. Being a WOMAN is a matter of age. Being a LADY is a matter of choice.”

    How’s that going over? Like the Hindenberg, I’m guessing. The Titanic after hitting the iceberg?

    Thought so!

  7. Brian, of two days ago…you’re Absolutely Right…and I think most Ladies would agree, and not argue with you one bit. Thank you for pointing out the equity in character value.

  8. Brian- you are correct for most of us Ladies out here! Simply following the common sense rules of treating others as you would like to be treated (Golden rule)!? Works every time!

  9. I have always told my 40 year old boys, their entire life and they exemplify this. Now I have two grandchildren and have informed my son, their father, at some point their “Nana” will give them a lesson in being a gentleman and what all Women would love in a ma.n. Being a gentleman is a lost art

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