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When I needed a hand, I found a paw.

When I need a hand i found a paw

There are times in life when everybody needs a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on, unfortunately, when you do find yourself in that situation, there isn’t always someone there to offer one, unless that is, you have a dog! If you’re lucky enough to have a dog in your life, you’re golden! You have all of the comfort, support and care that you could possibly ask for! When I needed a hand, I found a paw.

According to researchers at the University of Sussex, in the UK, dogs are better, and more sensitive listeners than one might assume. Their findings indicate that dogs actually process verbal content separately from emotional parts of speech. What that means is that your furry best friend is really paying attention to everything you tell him/her. It turns out that dogs are actually very good listeners and their patience knows no bounds.

In addition, our dogs provide us with a safe environment in which to vent and offer us unconditional love. They can’t laugh, and probably wouldn’t even if they could, and they don’t judge. Your heartbroken monologue won’t be interrupted, as a matter of fact, they’re there just to listen to every word you say. What makes them all the more special, is that you can rest easy knowing that all of your deepest secrets and emotional outpourings are safe when you tell them to your furbaby. As if you didn’t already know that your loveable pooch pays attention to every word you say, these new findings actually set in stone the fact that your pup is the truest BFF you’ll ever have!

There are so many ways that we can let our furry, BFF know just how much we love them, and we’ve come up with a list, of just a few, wonderful ways to show your canine best friend how much he/she means to you!

Premium Painless Nail Clipper For Pets- All Size Dogs & Cats

Untitled-Premium Painless Nail Clipper For Pets - All Size Dogs & Cats

Take care of the paws, that take care of you! With this Premium Painless Nail Clipper For Pets, trimming your pet’s nails is easy and painless! No more worries about cutting them too short, this revolutionary, no-mess, no-pain trimmer for dogs/cats is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Completely safe and easy to use, this nail clipper features a precision emery filing wheel, so there’s no need for manual cutting. The emery filing wheel does all the work for you by gently removing thin layers of nail smoothly, gently and efficiently. You don’t need to be a professional groomer to clip your pet’s nails, this trimmer does all the work for you, and unlike manual clippers, this clipper won’t result in pain or bleeding. It works perfectly on dogs or cats of any age or size and the unique protective cap catches and contains all of the shavings to prevent any messes! Buy It Now.

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Transparent Dog Raincoat

Transparent Dog Raincoat

You don’t like getting wet in the rain, and neither does your favorite, furry confident! Our adorable Transparent Dog Raincoat is lightweight and stylish and allows your pretty pup’s true colors to come shining through, while he/she stays clean and dry. Even the nastiest weather won’t penetrate this durable, but comfortable raincoat! It’s perfect for home or travel and the vintage-inspired design features colorful edge seams in white, orange or green with a fashionable, graphic motif, and a two-button closure. Currently 50% OFF with Free Shipping. Snug and comfortably fitting, this raincoat is a must have item for any fashionable pup’s clothing collection and it’s available in a broad selection of sizes to fit well-dressed doggies of all breeds and proportions!

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Dog Toothbrush Toy

Dog Toothbrush Toy

Keep your furbaby’s teeth clean and healthy with this Dog Toothbrush Toy! A must-have item for dog owners who worry about their best friend’s oral hygiene, this toothbrush toy is a great way to make your pets actually want to clean their teeth, even pets who don’t normally enjoy having their teeth brushed! Unlike traditional toothbrushes, the Dog Toothbrush Toy gives your pet a fun and enjoyable experience. It’s a sad fact that 84% of dogs will have oral health issues by the age of 3. This toothbrush toy effectively cleans your dog’s gums and teeth and actually encourages your pets to clean their own teeth, every single day! It’s specially designed to clean teeth on both sides and it’s angled to fit comfortably in your dog’s mouth. The stabilizing base makes it easy for your dog to hold, so the only thing you have to do is fill the toothbrush with doggie toothpaste and let him/her… play! Order Now

No Outfit Is Complete Without Dog Hair

No Outfit Is Complete Without Dog Hair

Let the whole world know that No Outfit Is Complete Without Dog Hair, with this hilarious t-shirt. Sorry, but it’s true, our canine companions are pretty, doggone important and this tee is perfect for all of the dog Moms out there! This simple tee is available in gray, and is made from an unbelievably soft and stretchy cotton blend material. They run true to size! This T-Shirt features a scoop neckline, short sleeves and is the perfect go-to piece for layering under pretty much anything. It’s so comfortable you’ll never want to take it off! Get Yours Now.

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Dog Suction Cup Toy

Dog Suction Toy

Unfortunately, there are times when it’s simply impossible to bring our beloved furbaby with us, even when we want to! With the Dog Suction Cup Toy, leaving them behind is just a little bit easier! Our interactive dog toy is perfect for dog owners who strive to provide their dog with adequate exercise and stimulation, even when they aren’t able to play with them themselves. Designed specifically for those times when your pooch is alone and has no one else to play with this innovative, and incredibly durable, chew toy is easily attached to any smooth surface. It easily adheres to smooth floors or cabinets in such a way that your dog can pull and tug on the rope as hard as they want to, and it won’t come loose. Get 50% OFF Your Purchase Here. This is one game of tug of war that your pup isn’t going to win! This awesome toy literally cleans your dog’s teeth while he/she chews on it! It’s like having your pup’s teeth cleaned, without them knowing it! For perfectly diverting entertainment, this toy will help him exert his energy on something other than your furniture, shoes, or clothing while you’re away from home.

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