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To My Mother In Heaven, Thank You For Loving Me And Helping Me…

To my Mother in Heaven. Thank you for loving me and helping me. I miss you dearly. You are always in my heart.

The love that a child has for their Mother, or that a Mother feels for her child, is an everlasting and intense emotion! Even after our Mothers have passed that bond is one that can never be completely broken! We will hear her sweet voice offering advice, praise, approval and even scoldings long after she’s gone. Everyone knows the saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone,” and this is especially true when it comes to Mothers! So many times we take her for granted, assuming that she’ll be there forever, unfortunately, no one lives forever, not even Mom! To my Mother in Heaven, Thank you for loving me and helping me. I miss you dearly. You are always in my heart.

Yes, it’s a Mother’s love and guidance that gives a child the strength and courage to grow into an honorable and caring adult! We should thank our Mothers each and every day, even if it’s in the tiniest ways; a phone call just to say hello, a card or note just because, a visit to sit and talk, or some small token of affection, something as insignificant as a wildflower, will let her know that she’s loved and appreciated in the sweetest way possible! For those of you who understand the grief and sorrow of a Mother’s passing, for those whose Mothers are in Heaven already, a simple prayer offered up will certainly be heard by the one it is meant for!

If you’re lucky enough to still have your Mother here with you, now, it’s so important to take the opportunity that you’ve been given and use it to spend precious time with her, while she’s still here! Life is fleeting and our time here on Earth won’t last forever. Use your time wisely and spend time with those you love and care about, while you can.

Take a look at these sweet and time tested ways to make unforgettable memories with, and for, your Mom. Each of the following ideas would be a special experience, for her, and a memory that you will cherish forever!

Double Layer Reverse Umbrella


Some say that, into every life a little rain must fall, but it doesn’t have to fall on your Mother’s head! Let her know you’ve got her covered, literally, with an original Double Layer Reverse Umbrella! We absolutely, love these reverse umbrellas, and your Mom is sure to love her’s too! Super easy to open and close, even in confined spaces, these umbrellas are unlike any traditional umbrellas! The double layer of fabric ensures waterproofing, durability and resistance to wind. The new, inverted design closes the umbrella from the inside out, and prevents it from dripping water everywhere, keeping Mom’s floor dry and clean! Versatile, durable and comfortable to hold, our reverse umbrellas are your Mom’s first line of defense against the sun’s harmful rays, as well! Save up to 50% OFF Your Purchase Here. The C-shaped handle can be slipped over her forearm or wrist, allowing her to walk comfortably, hands-free, so that she can talk on her phone, hold her grocery bags, her grandchild’s hand…or yours!

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Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer


Help Mom organize anything and everything with this handy, Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer! Just like she always says, “there’s a place for everything and everything should be in its place,” this organizer will help her to follow her own, very good, advice! This convenient, handbag organizer will make her life so much easier, she’ll wonder how she ever did without it! If your Mom carries a bag or tote on a regular basis, she can swap it or even incorporate it into her carryall. She’ll have everything she needs, but in an orderly and efficient spot and she’ll have easy access to whatever she needs, when she needs it. Get 50% OFF Your Purchase Now! No more digging through mountains of unnecessary items and outdated receipts to find her pen, phone, or wallet. All of her important items will be easily accessible and right at her fingertips!

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Mama Bear T-Shirt

"Mama Bear" T-Shirt

You can never, ever go wrong with a cute t-shirt, when it comes to pleasing Mom! Our cute Mama Bear T-Shirt is absolutely adorable, and can make the perfect outfit staple piece to wear with anything you want! This lovely t-shirt makes a perfect gift and Mom would remember how very special she is to you, each and every time she wears it! Buy Now

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Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch

How about a little something to light up your Mom’s life? Perfect for outdoor decorating, this cozy, Outdoor Solar Flame Light Torch will cast a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow over Mom’s backyard, garden, or walkway, with its realistic flame effects! The secret lies in the advanced circuitry, that’s built inside of each lantern, controlling the LED light strips and giving it that natural, dancing flame effect. Newly designed, these flame light torches can withstand any weather conditions and will provide your Mom with beauty, comfort and safety. Currently 50% OFF with Free Shipping. These flames are the perfect alternative to real flames and can be placed anywhere outside, without worrying about child or pet safety. The high-quality, waterproof material ensures a long lifetime of lighting up her space in a warm and heart-welcoming way.

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12 Real Touch Mini Tulip Bouquet

Twelve Real Touch Tulip Bouquet

Just one more way to let your Mother know how much you care about her. This beautiful, 12 Real Touch Mini Tulip Bouquet will tell her everything she needs to know! Sending her a lovely bouquet, just because, is the perfect way to show her that you think about her each and every day. This incredible bouquet of one dozen, exquisitely decorative flowers can be displayed collectively, in a vase, or she can display them individually. What an eye-catching centerpiece they’d make on her table or dresser and the best thing about these lovely flowers is that, unlike their real counterparts, which tend to fade and drop their petals after just a few days, or even a few hours, these beauties are everlasting! Handmade of high-quality, durable, and easy to clean PU, each bouquet is available in a variety of gorgeous, vibrant colors. If your Mom is no longer with you, these flowers would make a lovely offering at her place of rest. Order your bouquet, now. Order Now

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