Name One Thing That Reminds You of Your Grandma🤔

Name One Thing That Reminds You

Memories aren’t just associated with people, but also with smells, sounds, time, stuff, and things. Such as, the squeaky sound of old rocking chair reminds us of old grandma’s home…???

Can you name one thing that best reminds you of your granny????

Well, here we are making your task easy, sharing the top five things can easily associate with the memories of Nana:

The Holidays:

In our childhood, every season, we used to wait for summer breaks so that all the cousins can have fun at grandpa’s place.

So, yes, holidays definitely remind us of the unfinished fun we had at our grands place.



Cookies and grandma are maybe two synonyms for each other because they are both crispy, crunchy, sweet, and offer a warm taste of love.

Also, grandmas love making cookies in different shapes, some salty, some sweets, yet all filled with duple love.

So, another thing that reminds us of grannies is cookies!


What fun it was in our childhood when we used to lay with our grands and listen to their classical imaginations. Challenge of cow, friends of the rabbit, Bondo The Wolf, and many more best stories.

All these stories had made our childhood the best of all. So, whenever we see kids so eager to listen to the stories, it reminds us of our angels who played a great role in making our lives awesome.


Most of the kids today don’t even know gramophones and big old grandpa records.

However, whenever we walk through a vintage shop and look at these retro CD players, it definitely reminds us of grandparents and their homes.

Gramophones = Grandma Homes

Grandpa Clock:

Grandpa Clock
Image Source Pinterest

Another thing we don’t find anymore or keep in our homes is the Big grandpa clock, and it’s dangling, which is associated with our awesome childhood.

If you still have it in your homes, this antique piece doesn’t just have the value of money but also has the great value of memories.

Can you name some more things that relate to the awesome angels we call Nana?? Tell us in the comments below.

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