In the Blink of An Eye, Everything Can Change. So, Forgive…

In the Blink of An Eye Everything

An old saying, but 2020 proved it so well…

This year, such events, incidents, and happenings occurred have that we have never thought ever will…

We have lost our loved ones in the blink of an eye…

There were sudden deaths and sudden departures that we couldn’t even say good-bye…

Do you feel pain?

We all do, and those who have lost their loved ones…. We offer you big bear hugs… You are not alone.

Let’s Learn from Dark Times:

Let’s Learn from Dark Times

Such dark times come so that we can learn to live a little better, as David Lynch says;

“These so-called bleak times are necessary to go through in order to get to a much, much better place.”


Though pain is hard to pass, however, learning lessons can make it worth-bearing.

Best Lessons to Learn from Dark Times?

Best Lessons to Learn from Dark Times

  1. Forget:
  2. Let it go
  3. Love


Yes, we need to forget the things people did with us.


Keeping with the negative attitude doesn’t harm anyone else but makes you suffer…

For this, opt to a healthy routine, eat healthy, do exercise, and remain contented in your own space.

Let It Go:

We don’t know when we are meeting someone for the last time, so instead of keeping the grudge, we should forget and let it go.


Love is the language of God. Loving more can make life a little more bearable. As it is said,

“Life is a gift, but fate makes it too complicated, make love your little solace.”

Do you agree???

Pls, let us know below.

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