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GRANDchildren. I Could Try To Explain It, but until you have one…

GRANDchildren. I could try to explain It, but until you have one, you could never understand, just how grand they are, or how grand they make you feel.

Grandchildren, I could try to explain it, but until you have one, you could never understand just how grand they are, or how grand they make you feel. Ask any grandparent and they’ll tell you that the love for a grandchild is like none other! It’s like getting a second chance, another moment in time to love and care for a little one all over again! You gaze at that sweet, little face and you can see the echo of your own little baby, looking out at you through someone else’s eyes. It’s such an amazing and wonderful feeling!

Grandchildren are like God’s way of saying, that your life is important enough to continue on! Grandchildren are yours, just as much as your own children are. You love them with the same intensity, the same commitment. You would do anything for them, let them get away with anything, even things that you would never  have let your own little ones get away with, but that’s ok! It’s all a part of being a grandparent. You’ve done the hard part, raising your own children. Now, you get to do the easy part, the fun part. Being there for your grandchildren is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Watching them as they grow is a blessing!

Hearing your grandchildren laugh is one of the most heartwarming sounds that you’ll ever hear. Their happiness is your happiness and when you can make them smile or giggle, you feel that warmth, deep down inside. It’s so easy to make your grandchildren happy and spending time with them; reading, playing, baking, talking, laughing and cuddling are all such easy ways to let them know just how much you love them! Take a look at some inspiring ideas and fun activities that you can do with your grandchildren while spending quality time with them.

Magic LED Drawing Board For Kids

Magic LED Drawing Board For Kids

Making memories with your grandchildren is what it’s all about! Your grandchild will feel just like a real magician, while immersed in a fabulous world of fantasy and lights, with this Magic LED Drawing Board For Kids! This is a wonderful developmental and educational  tool, for children of all ages, that stimulates your grandchild’s creativity, memory and imagination through art therapy. Currently 50% OFF with Free Shipping. Help them discover their creative potential, without worrying about your walls and furniture. They can create amazing drawings, that glow in the dark, with this special tablet and marker. The darker the room, the brighter the picture, so this drawing board can also help reduce their fear of the dark. It’s fun for your grandchildren and fun for you!

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Space Projector Lamp

If you’re lucky enough to have your grandchildren spend the night with you, then you know that story time is a must! Snuggling down with them is one of the highlights of your visit! When it’s time to go to bed, make bedtime fun for your grandchildren, with this Space Projector Lamp, turn a scary night into a beautiful starry sky, so many color options available! Using the color control you can choose between one or multiple colors all at once, depending on your mood! With a 360-degree rotation feature, the stars are sure to mesmerize people of all ages. Buy It Now

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Pro Cookie Maker Set


It’s just a given that grandchildren have got to bake cookies when they’re over at their grandparents’ house! Now you can bake  perfectly creative cookies together, without rolling or cutting dough, using this Pro Cookie Maker Set! Simply load up the cookie maker with your favorite dough and extrude the firm dough into perfectly shaped, delicious cookies and other tasty treats, right on the baking sheet, as you release the lever. Enjoy perfectly formed home baked cookies in minutes. With 20 different molds, the variety is endless. Made of high-quality aluminum this cookie press is food safe and rust resistant, as well as strong and light. The ergonomic handle and easy-squeeze action makes baking simple and fun and cleanup is a breeze! Get Yours Here

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Dino Kids Backpack

Dino Kids Backpack

Time to pack up and visit Grandma and Grandpa! Every little dinosaur lover, girl or boy, will go absolutely crazy for this super cool, Dino Kids Backpack! This adorable, ultra-bright backpack is made with the finest materials that are highly visible and feature a fun decorative print. The backpack is perfectly functional and offers plenty of room and pocket space for holding all of your grandchild’s over-night essentials. The straps on the back feature a classic look, with adjustable sizing. This lightweight backpack is super cute, and has a spiky dino tail. Toddlers will LOVE this backpack! What a sweet gift for your special grandchild! Order Now

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No Mess Pack And Play

No Mess Pack and Play


Any grandparent knows that with grandchildren comes a grand mess! Keep your house neat and tidy, even when your grandkids visit. Toys are a must-have when children are involved, but keeping them neat and all in one place, or even taking them out and about, can pose problems. Unless, that is, you have the No Mess Pack And Play! This portable, kid’s toy storage bags keep your grandchildren’s toys organized and conveniently handy and they store away in seconds! When the grandchildren come over, just spread the bag out for playtime fun and all of the bits and pieces stay together in one neat area. Get 50% OFF on Your Purchase Now. When the visit’s over and it’s time to pack things away, simply pull on the rope and in a snap everything’s been gathered, neatly, effortlessly, and without wasting valuable time trying to find any little missing pieces! You’ll love the convenience and your grandchildren will love the easy clean up!

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